zen x strain

Zen x strain

To Cannaisseur: We take pride in what we do here at Sysco Pancho’s. Seems like you have a little to much time on your hands. Why bash a company you know nothing about. We started this company with a small amount of money. Since then we have been investing all our profits and time back into the company. Our goal is to only sell a product that we would be happy to purchase ourselves. Most of the time we are our own worst critics. Give us another shot someday or not. Save the flower for the people that enjoy and deserve products made with love, that were not made by some greedy rich business man. Much Love, Head Grower @ Sysco Pancho’s

I like this strain, I just don’t think the farm does very well. I have actually bought their shake bags of the same zen-x. I had the flower in one hand and the trim in the other. What caught my eye, right away, was the shake actually had a much higher THC, then I looked at the flower and could see how the machine trimming was turning good pot into mediocre at best, and turning their shake into the best product they offered. Sysco Pancho should never be near the top shelf product, it could taint it (JK) but it has no right being placed up there or priced anywhere past the Cannaisseur

Zen – X is a sativa-dominant hybrid (80% sativa/20% indica) that boasts an uplifting, energizing effect with substantial mind relief. Users report a smooth onset of a warming feeling followed by full-body relaxation and sedation. Be ready to feel the munchies, too, so make sure your refrigerator …