yoda og strain

Yoda og strain

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The Force is strong with this one! Lovely buds, sparkling tri’s. The truth!! Good alternative from Bubba Kush.

Possibly my fav strain and I’ve been a taker for 5 plus years in 3 diff states

Another nice “Star Wars” themed marijuana strain. This Indica did what I wanted it to do which was total relaxation & then sleep. A night time strain for me. My buds were nicely packed, were light green, & had snowy trichomes. May the force be with you!

OG Kush is well known, and Yoda OG descends from that strain. This is a 100% Indica strain with 19% THC. The smell of Yoga OG is pine and lemon. It delivers a taste that is sweet and long lasting. When it is smoked, and Earthy taste will be experienced. The light green leaves are short and chunky…