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10 All-Time Worst Names for Marijuana Strains

Creating a unique and funny name for a new cannabis strain is Marijuana 101. No one wants to smoke something called “Cannabis #503” or something. They want to tell their friends they’re using “Euphoria” or “Herojuana.” But sometimes people choose terrible, horrible, no good, very bad names for their marijuana strains . Here are 10 of the worst:

10. Purple Monkey Balls

While this is actually a pretty funny name for a marijuana strain, it also sounds like something I would never want to try in a million years.

9. Buddy F***er

According to Urban Dictionary, a “buddy f***er” is someone who repeatedly screws over their friends to get ahead. Buying this strain is equivalent of saying, “Don’t too much faith into our friendship.”

8. Abusive OG

Most people associate marijuana with being mellow and laid back. “Abusive OG” just implies a level of aggression that is just unnecessary.

7. Cat Piss

If you’re someone who would be interested in a marijuana strain called “Cat Piss,” there’s probably something wrong with you.

6. BC Roadkill

The weird thing about this strain is that it specifically points out that the roadkill is from British Columbia, just in case you have a preferred origin for your dead animals.

5. Bomb Threat

At some point there will be a news story about a student getting arrested for making a bomb threat at a school, only for it to turn out to be a misunderstanding involving this marijuana strain.


It stands for “Marijuana I’d Like to Flower,” and nothing else. Absolutely nothing else.

3. Wet Dream

I would rather not comment on this strain name.

2. Agent Orange

Naming a strain after a chemical used by the U.S. military during the Vietnam War to poison enemy crops, and later caused birth defects and illnesses on both sides of the conflict, is pretty poor taste.

1. Chernobyl

Not only is it disrespectful to name a strain after the worst nuclear disaster in world history, but it also doesn’t really sound like it would produce an enjoyable experience for consumers.

(h/t Weedist , High Times and Leafly for strain names.)

Whether you grimace, smile, or just shake your head, here are the top 10 worst marijuana strain names of all time for you to explore.