wild thailand strain

Wild Thailand

Wild Thailand is a pure sativa plant from the islands of Ko Chang. It has a high THC content.

The plant is very valuable due its high productivity, stability and resistance to pests. The harvest comes after 11-13 weeks of bloom and brings yields of 300 gr indoors and 450-500 gr outdoor. The strain also has a good mold resistance. The plant grows up high and reaches to 1.5 m indoors and to 3 m outdoors.

The strain delivers a strong sativa high and sweet smoke with citrus, fruity notes. The effect is euphoric and uplifting.

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Последние отзывы

After a few more nanners erupted overnight and the appearance of a few more spots of Botrytis, I went through Bo’s canopy and took any bud that showed nanners or budrot. Ended up taking about 1/3 of her canopy. These are the densest buds I’ve ever grown and the heavy coating of trichomes gives a nice, frosty look. I ended up trimming a bit rougher than usual because the trichs cover the sugar leaves so I left it a bit “leafy.” They’ve been through 1 wash in a 0.5% soln of H2O2 and the buds that go into edibles will be washed again to remove chlorophyll and other water soluble crap I don’t want to eat. I’ll update weight and other harvest info as it becomes available.

A week later and Bo has pretty much come down. I’ve left a few buds to ripen that were below the canopy, and 2 buds that were pollinated with 1) Wild Thai fem pollen, and 2) Kilimanjaro fem pollen. Could be a killer summer grow!

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