white lsd strain

White LSD Auto

It’s on the larger side for an auto flowering strain, (60-120cm), producing fat dense rock hard buds and yielding upwards of 150 grams per plant. The buds are covered in resin thanks to the original White LSD’s cross with White Widow Max. This big producing strain does well both indoors and outdoors and can finish in around 70 days from seed. White LSD Auto is a truly awesome auto flowering strain.

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For a first timer I was surprised i was able to receive anything smokeable lol. But these ladies took all my mistakes and rewarded me in the end. I have some other MSNL strains I’m trying next. So far MSNL is a thumbs up from me! Will be updating with cure results.

The first harvest has been curing for about a month now and it doesn’t really have a strong smell. Real mild. I harvested it early for sure and as a result I got a really nice stash of some heady high so I’m not so couchlocked! But the second harvest was definitely couchlock city. Smell is super strong and the buds are curing nicely, they’ve been curing for almost 2 weeks now.

Update 2: 11/29
Final update but the Blue Markers harvest has been curing for about a month now. I’ve got about an ounce left and I will be sad when she is all gone :disappointed_relieved:

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