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The finest cannabis seeds are available for sale in our online shop. Buy autoflowering, feminized, regular or CBD seeds. 7 CFR § 201.16 – Noxious-weed seeds. (a) Except for those kinds of noxious-weed seeds shown in paragraph (b) of this section, the names of the kinds of noxious-weed seeds and the rate of Top-quality cannabis seeds from seed banks all over the world. The most prestigious strains for both indoor and outdoor growing are available here.

The Kannabia Seeds Team

Kannabia Seeds started in 2009 with the aim of becoming a benchmark for the global cannabis seed market by combining traditional knowledge with constant research and innovation.

According to this philosophy of growth, we have accumulated over 10 years’ worth of experience in the research, development and perfectioning of genetics, embracing scientific and technological advances, and maintaining close contact with the cannabis community to fulfill their needs and give rise to new prominent varieties that are now well known in the industry for its productivity, resistance, properties and ease of cultivation.

Nowadays, Kannabia Seeds is a company that has earned the respect and confidence of home growers thanks to the careful selection of cannabis seeds following multiple quality control tests. Our extensive catalogue has been thoroughly developed, tested and adapted to all types of crops and users, either for therapeutic, collection or recreational purposes.

Close treatment, personalized attention, and true care for the large community of home growers, guide our everyday actions in a business project that reaches over 20 countries, and fights for the normalization of cannabis use worldwide by spreading its unquestionable benefits and huge potential for improving people’s lives.

7 CFR § 201.16 – Noxious-weed seeds.

(a) Except for those kinds of noxious-weed seeds shown in paragraph (b) of this section, the names of the kinds of noxious-weed seeds and the rate of occurrence of each shall be expressed in the label in accordance with, and the rate of occurrence shall not exceed the rate permitted by, the law and regulations of the State into which the seed is offered for transportation or is transported. If in the course of such transportation, or thereafter, the seed is diverted to another State of destination, the person or persons responsible for such diversion shall cause the seed to be relabeled with respect to the noxious-weed seed content, if necessary to conform to the laws and regulations of the State into which the seed is diverted.

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(b) Seeds or bulblets of the following plants shall be considered noxious-weed seeds in agricultural and vegetable seeds transported or delivered for transportation in interstate commerce (including Puerto Rico, Guam, and the District of Columbia). Agricultural or vegetable seed containing seeds or bulblets of these kinds shall not be transported or delivered for transportation in interstate commerce. Noxious-weed seeds include the following species on which no tolerance will be applied:

Cannabis seeds – Buy Marijuana Seeds

If you are looking for somewhere to get high quality cannabis seeds, with one of the largest catalogs in the market, GB The Green Brand is your place. We have designed this amazing category, where you’ll be able to check out the following types: Bulk Seeds, Feminized Seeds, Autoflowering Seeds, Regular Seeds, Bulk Autoflowering Seeds, CBD Seeds, Autoflowering Regular Seeds and Regular Seeds.

  • Autoflowering (2)
  • Fast Version (1)
  • Feminized (7)
  • Balanced (3)
  • Indica-dominant (4)
  • Sativa-dominant (3)
  • 1 seed (8)
  • 3 seeds (2)
  • 3 + 1 free (2)
  • 5 seeds (7)
  • 5 + 2 free (2)
  • 6 seeds (1)
  • 10 seeds (6)
  • 25 seeds (7)
  • 50 seeds (5)
  • 50 seeds (1)
  • 100 seeds (6)
  • 250 seeds (5)
  • 500 seeds (5)
  • 1000 seeds (5)
  • Dry/Low humidity (2)
  • Mild (7)
  • Warm (1)
  • Extracts (1)
  • Medicinal (4)
  • Recreational (5)

Recommended growing environment

  • Less than 0.3% THC (1)
  • THC-dominant (9)
  • Highly relaxing (1)
  • Mixed (1)
  • Relajante / medicinal (1)
  • Relaxing (3)
  • Social / Relajante (1)
  • Stimulating (3)

Indoor Flowering Time

  • 7-8 weeks (2)
  • 8-9 semanas (2)
  • 9-10 weeks (2)
  • 10-11 semanas (1)
  • 11-12 weeks after germination (2)

Outdoor Harvest Time

  • 60+ days after germination (1)
  • 90+ days after germination (1)
  • Finales de Septiembre (1)
  • Mediados-Finales de Septiembre (2)
  • Mediados de Octubre (1)
  • October (1)
  • September (3)

All the best cannabis seed banks for sale

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Runtz Feminized Bulk Seeds

Tropicanna Poison F1 Fast Version

  • Reduced price

Gorilla 4 Fast 100% Feminized

Kritikal Bilbo

  • Reduced price

Green Poison

  • Reduced price

Amnesia 100% Feminized

Auto White CBG 100% Feminized

Critical + 100% feminized


  • Reduced price

Mimosa Cocktail

  • Reduced price

Where to buy cannabis seeds: Here, in GB The Green Brand

GB The Green Brand is a leading grow shop that has been devoted to the cannabis industry for more than a decade. It is, without a doubt, the best place to purchase cannabis seeds. We sell the best ones in the market, from all over the world, at the best prices and, quite often, with great discounts. Of course, if you need growing advice, our experts will be more than happy to help you out.

GB has more than 40 physical stores spread around the world in countries such as Spain, Chile, Mexico, Colombia and Bulgaria, but if you don’t happen to have one near you, don’t worry, our company also has an amazing online grow shop that ships all over Europe, including the UK.

Please, check the current legal situation of your area regarding cannabis legislation before placing your order, as laws vary from one country to another.

Top 3 cannabis seeds

Our extensive catalog includes weed seeds that will surely satisfy all types of growers, but here we want to talk about the best three, based on their characteristics, flavors and yield performance, which are: Auto Original GB XXL, Biscotti and Runtz Muffin.

Auto Original GB XXL

Auto Original GB XXL is an amazing autoflowering strain that produces a very generous yield in a short space of time, both indoors and outdoors, with just basic care. This Afghan-Kalijah-Ruderalis cross features sweet and earthy flavors that won’t disappoint those who choose it.


Biscotti is an Apex Seeds marvel that is perfect to relax at the end of a long day at work. This feminized strain has very high THC levels of up to 25% and an interesting 4% of CBD, which makes it greatly suitable to improve lack of appetite or sleep disorders. Delicious tangerine and grapefruit taste.

Runtz Muffin

Runtz Muffin is an absolute winner regarding flavors and effects. Sweet caramel and citrus flavors combined with a strong sense of happiness and relaxation will surely please those who try it out. Very high THC levels and abundant yields.

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Recommended seed banks

Nirvana seeds

Nirvana Seeds is a great quality Dutch seed bank that has been offering award winning great quality strains for more than 20 years. This seed bank performs crosses with strains from all over the world, which makes them unique and creative.

Seedsman Seeds

Seedsman Seeds is a British seed bank founded in 2003. They initially started off by selling cannabis seeds from the best seed banks in the world, but over the last decade, they decided to venture and create their own seeds with great success.

Barney’s Farm

Barney’s Farm Seeds is from Holland and has been creating amazing strains and winning prizes over the past 30 years. Its founder, Derry, got plenty of his knowledge from spending a fair bit of time in Himalaya, learning about the origins of amazing marijuana landraces.

Ministry of cannabis

Ministry of Cannabis is a very reputable cannabis Dutch seed bank. Their most outstanding trait is that they breed their feminized seeds in Holland in order to get them used to humid and cold climates, making them extremely resistant for outdoor cultivation.

Exotic Seeds

Exotic Seeds is a Dutch seed bank with premises in Madrid, which is where they promote, create and distribute their seeds all over Spain. Their fantastic catalog includes feminized and automatic strains from the best indicas and the purest sativas.

GB Strains

GB Strains is a Valencian (Spain) cannabis seed bank that started its path a decade ago. These great quality seeds are sold exclusively in GB The Green Brand and have won plenty of prizes over the past few years. Their catalog features an amazing and wide variety of feminized and autoflowering seeds with incredible THC and CBD levels, which are the result of the best and most daring genetic crosses.

How to store cannabis seeds?

Storing marijuana seeds correctly is incredibly important when it comes to germination; if you don’t store them properly, they end up deteriorating and losing germination power. In order to increase their lifespan, you should keep them in a cold area, with temperatures between 6- 9 °C and a humidity range of 20-30%.