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Tastebudz are the self-professed palette snobs of the cannabis seeds industry; they believe that not enough emphasis is placed on the sensory experience of consuming certain strains, and they sought to rectify that. Tastebudz have found their passion, carved out their niche, and made it their own. Which is why we’re thrilled to be offering a double bill of promotional goodness – 20% off their entire range, with free seeds on every order to boot. 1 with every 3 pack, 2 with every 5 pack, and 3 with every 10 pack.

MAC Muffin

Critical Banana Smoothie

Back To The Future #2

Bubble Runtz

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Big Buddha



Future # 1

Future #1 is one of the greatest cannabis strains of all time, and we don’t say that lightly. Put simply, you are doing yourself a disservice if you don’t try this yourself. A classic.

Nova OG

A bona-fide classic Anesia Seeds strain, Nova OG has monster yields, killer terps, and THC levels measuring up to 32%. What more could you possibly want?

Gelato Dream

Gelato Dream does everything you want from a feminised cannabis strain. But above all, it looks beautiful. Yes, that’s shallow. But we could get lost in those purple hues for the rest of our lives, happily.

White Runtz

White Runtz is royalty. American royalty, to be precise. Iterating on famous cali strains, Anesia Seeds make their mark on the strains from the states with this wonderplant.

Blackberry Moonrocks

A legend amongst Anesia Seeds’ esteemed pantheon, Blackberry Moonrocks has bonkers THC levels, fantastic terps, and even some medicinal benefits.

Big Bazooka

Resin-soaked buds adorn this THC-overloaded masterpiece. Big Bazooka lives up to its name and then some; it’s one of the most exciting feminised cannabis strains on market.


The unholy trinity of City of God, The White Angel and Future #1, Imperium X offers outstanding terps and staggering THC levels.

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Captain Future

Captain Future is renowned for many things, but chief among them is its whopping, disgusting, bone-shattering 37% THC level.

Vanilla Frosting

With a name like Vanilla Frosting, Anesia Seeds ensured this wonderful feminised cannabis strain would have to deliver on the taste front. Luckily, it does that in spades.

Pink Starburst

Pink Starburst is a feminised cannabis strain from Anesia Seeds that looks set to redefine what we expect of this astonishing breeder.

Original Gorilla #4

A classic in a lineup of killers, Original Gorilla #4 stands out with its extraordinary yields, bonkers THC content and terps that are out of this world.

Sleepy Joe

Come for the 34% THC content, stay for the invigorating high, the fruity taste profile and the potent therapeutic benefits.

Cannabis seeds

Welcome to our online shop with over 4,000 different strains of marijuana seeds. In Oaseeds we have been selecting the best seeds for several years and we already have genetics from the 5 continents. So you can buy cannabis seeds from the main producing countries like: USA, Holland, Spain, UK. but also from countries like Pakistan, Congo, Colombia, Thailand. and all this without leaving home!

We ship worldwide. We’re very fast and discreet. We have the best prices. And every order always comes with freebies. Place your order now!

Was looking for a high yield strand and was a pretty good choice!

My favorite plant ‘ taste/ smell – production

Very nice to grow. I do not know why people have trouble with this one. Mine .

Very Vigorous. Exploded out of shell. Now, a week or so later, she is massive.

I have grown many different strains over the last 6 years but this is by far .

My all time favorite outdoor plant. Even in the northern part of Europe this .

Really surprising! It's got that old school haze flavor but smoother. I .

One of my favorite autos. Heavy yielder, great citrus taste, and a wonderful .

My son has culitis ulcerosa. This strain work´s best for him until now.

My son has culits ulcerosa. This strain work´s best for him until now.

Ii is a very, very small strain. The smell is fantastic.

https://youtu.be/IfkSgce41Y0?t=116 The one in the middle of the screen (with .

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IfkSgce41Y0 So You'll Have Some New Cust.

Beatrice what are you on about ?? Probably because you've re-used the sa.

Some of the pictures shown to advertise the Oaseeds bulk strains don't d.

Beatrice what are you on about ?? Probably because you've re-used the sa.

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What is marijuana?

Marijuana is a millenary plant that has been cultivated since time immemorial. There are references to be used for its psychoactive properties of the year 2,737 B. C., in writings of the Chinese emperor Shen Nung. And it is highly prized for its fibers and seeds, and for its medicinal and psychotropic value. A botanical characteristic of marijuana is that it is a newspaper plant. In other words, there are males and females and even hermaphrodites (plants with flowers of both sexes).

Male Marijuana Plants

The adult male (or male) plant produces flowers that sprout almost all over the plant and form a spice of hanging clusters. At the right time, the plant opens the flowers and releases a very light pollen. This pollen pollen pollinizes females. During growth, males are hardly distinguishable from females, but as a rule males reach sexual maturity earlier.

Female Marijuana Plants

On the other hand, the adult female (or female) plant also produces bunches of flowers which, in this case, consist of calyxes and pistiles. All calyxes contain an egg that is pollinated by contact. When the male releases the pollen, it sticks to the pistils to descend from there into the calyx where the seed will develop after pollination. In this way the seeds are created.


The production of flowers (also known as buds) is not only increased with genetic quality and good growing conditions. There is a special technique to ensure that the female plant is not pollinated. Because, during the flowering period, unfertilized females use all their energy to produce sex organs and cannabinoids instead of seeds. These seedless plants are often called Sinsemilla. When pollination is not carried out, plants with more compact and heavier buds are obtained. In addition, they smell better and stronger, due to the increased production of terpenes and contain higher THC levels. So the psychoactive effects are higher. Medical growers systematically eliminate all male plants from the growing area as soon as they notice their presence. In this way, they achieve a more concentrated and higher quality product. Huge buds with high content of cannabinoids.

The best feminized marijuana seeds

After years of research and development, the banks managed to produce seeds from which female plants emerged in a very high percentage (around 99.8%). Feminized seeds were a revolution. Today most growers prefer to use feminized seeds. There are many advantages:

  • You forget to keep an eye out for a male or female plant.
  • The risk of pollination is eliminated.
  • You occupy less space, since in the place occupied by males, you can put females.
  • You save money, since you don’t waste your resources on male plants: soil, fertilizers, insecticides, light.
  • Don’t waste time taking care of males and gaining comfort.
  • They’re perfect for novice growers.
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Feminized cannabis seeds are often chosen for indoor cultivation because of their stability, ease of cultivation and high quality of the final product. In Oaseeds, you will find more than 2,000 feminized strains.

Check out our regular seeds department

Almost all the banks now produce their seeds in feminized form, as they are the most commercial. But we think that we should not forget the regular ones, because they are the origin of everything. Regular cannabis seeds are totally natural ones. They have not been chemically altered or genetically modified in any way. They are therefore pure genetics coming from a male and a female and produce approximately 50% males and 50% females (those that produce buds). Regular seeds require a little more mastery, since you have to be able to separate males from females. So they are not the most recommended for growers who are just starting out. Overcoming this handicap, being the purest and most natural seeds, they are perfect to create new genetic lines (seeds). Although these are not the best-selling seeds, at Oaseeds we have more than 1,000 regular strains.

Get FEM cannabis seeds and bulk cannabis seeds with confidence from MrSoul, Original Breeder of Brothers Grimm Seeds.

This August 2022, we are giving away Tester Seeds with every seed purchase. With your order this month, you’ll automatically get 12 feminized tester seeds from Brothers Grimm including (4) GSC x C99, (4) White Truffles x C99, and (4) Kush Mints x C99 Pineapple.

We ship our female and regular photoperiod cannabis seeds to all 50 states in the USA. Over the summer, we ship seeds on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. For international seed orders, use the contact form and we will assist you.

We sell and ship weed seeds in the USA safely and securely. Find exotic cannabis strains here and grow our proven genetics with confidence!

Our weed seeds are known for top germination rates in the industry. Get potent, uniform, fast flowering photoperiod seeds that never have intersex (hermie) issues from Brothers Grimm Seeds.