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Welcome to Green Carpet Growing’s home grown cannabis blog. Bookmark and follow for articles and content covering growing cannabis, people in cannabis, cannabis education, entertainment and much more. Current contributors include Marc Eden and Neil Lequia.

Get Help With Powdery Mildew Infestations In Your Home Grow

Who needs help with powdery mildew infestations? Home growers, that’s who! For some home growers, a powdery mildew infestation is periodic at best. Which is to say, they suffer occasional crop and financial losses. Yet you only have so many potential harvests to pull.

Dark Heart Nursery Interview With Dr. Jeremy Warren, Director of Plant Health

Marc Eden interviews Dr. Jeremy Warren, Director of Plant Health at Dark Heart Nursery in California, about Hop Latent Viroid and the negative impact it has had on cannabis cultivation over the past 6+ years. Dr. Jeremy also discusses what working at Dark Heart.

Purple City Genetics Interview With Eric Rosen

Marc Eden interviews Eric Rosen, Sales Director at Purple City Genetics (PCG). Find out what cannabis cultivars are hot at PCG this year. PCG is located in Oakland, California, and serves all of California’s commercial and home growers with clones and seeds. Tune in.

Cannabis Chemist Alisia Ratliff on Cannabis Consulting and Diversity + Inclusion w/ Chris Ratliff

Marc Eden interviews Cannabis Chemist Alisia Ratliff on Cannabis Consulting as well as Diversity + Inclusion with her husband and associate Chris Ratliff. Together Alisia and Chris Ratliff co-founded Victus Capital Ventures, a cannabis consulting firm helping cannabis.

LGBTQ+ Diversity & Inclusion in Cannabis | Interview with Neil Lequia

Marc Eden interviews Neil Lequia, Founder of The Full Spectrum, the only organization for people who identify as LGBTQ+ in the cannabis industry. For several years in the Seattle area of Washington, Neil Lequia has been dedicated to being a cannabis activist and.

True Cannabis Activism | Interview with Mieko Hester Perez

Marc Eden interviews Mieko Hester Perez, a legendary medical cannabis activist who truly pays it forward in life. Since 2009, Mieko Hester Perez has worked in the trenches of true cannabis activism. Her niche area is one few dare to venture — cannabis medicine for.

IPM Cannabis Scientist Takes On Cannabis Bro-Science | Interview w/ Matthew Gates

Marc Eden interviews California’s Matthew Gates, an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Specialist who runs his own IPM consultancy and serves on the board of the Cannabis Horticultural Association. If anyone knows about the ever-expanding world cannabis, pests and.

Q & A with a Cannabis Scientist, Geneticist and Educator | Interview with Dr. Anna Schwabe

Marc Eden interviews Colorado’s Dr. Anna Schwabe, cannabis scientist, geneticist, and educator. Get ready to meet Dr. Anna Schwabe and learn about her background, cannabis research, and tap into some cannabis science and controversy. In this episode, some of the.

Launching An Organic Dry Powder Fertilizer Product in the USA | Interview with Tony Sarah, Inventor

Marc Eden interviews fertilizer inventor Tony Sarah of Earth’s Original Organics, and unearths his magic to reveal the wisdom that has gone into his life’s work, Tony’s Magic Mix + Tony’s Magic Flower. Born and raised in Arizona, Tony’s experience in gardening.

State of 2021 Cannabis in California | Interview with Industry Pioneer Lauren Vázquez, Esq.

Marc Eden interviews California’s Lauren Vázquez, “The Fired Up Lawyer,” who has served as a Senior Advisor and Statewide Organizer for California’s Prop 64 campaign and has been practicing cannabis business law since 2009. Come take a dive into 2021 cannabis in.

A New Home Grower On Growing Cannabis For The First Time During 2020 Coronavirus/ COVID-19 Pandemic

Marc Eden interviews your average Joe, named Joe, to get their take on growing cannabis indoors for the first time during the 2020 Coronavirus / COVID-19 pandemic. Yes, more people are growing cannabis at home than ever before. Yes, more people started growing.

The Simplest Home Grow Kit Ever, Seed to Sale Software, + an Organically Grown Standard w/ Adam Duke

Marc Eden interviews Michigan’s Adam Duke representing EZMJ Grow Kits, LeafLogix, and the Cannabis Certification Counsel (CCC). In today’s episode, we learn about Adam’s new simple countertop / windowsill home grow kit called EZMJ, as well as how he originally got.

From Cheese to Cannabis – PCO Air Sanitization Technology | Interview w/ Dave Heffner, AiroClean420

Marc Eden interviews AiroClean420’s Dave Heffner about his experience with photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) technology which is proven to eliminate airborne powdery mildew — in cannabis grows, as well as in cheese making. For the past several years, Dave Heffner has.

Hemp Cigarette Packs and Cartons Now Available

Do you know hemp cigarettes are readily available? Let me tell you about them. If you’re looking for an alternative to quit traditional cigarettes, try hemp cigarettes called The Real Stuff. They contain less than 0.03% THC and have about 80 mg of CBD per.

8 Cannabis Podcast Episodes in January 2021 with Marc Eden

Tune in to 10 Cannabis Podcast Episodes this January 2021 with Marc Eden, cannabis podcaster based in San Diego, California. 8 podcast episodes for January 2021 are lined up on Marc Eden’s cannabis podcast. Why listen? To get informed about all things.

Tips on choosing cannabis with Neil Lequia

If you are choosing your cannabis based on THC percentages, then you are doing it wrong. Or some would say, you could do so much better. THC content only tells one part of the story, and is frequently inflated to be more appealing to the consumer. I’ve.

Stop powdery mildew on cannabis with modern technology

Introduce the clean air factor to your grow space and stop powdery mildew with modern technology.This is a bold and true claim. AiroClean420’s cutting edge commercial grade air purifiers have been used across North American commercial indoor cannabis farms.

Best Humboldt Seed Company Seeds 2020-2021

Humboldt Seed Company has been a cannabis industry leader in California for many years under the leadership of famed Cannabis Breeder, Nat Pennington. Nat’s company prides itself on bringing traditional, iconic cannabis varieties to market, as well as.

Cannabis seeds

Home growers often ask us for recommendations for the best cannabis seeds and companies. So we have put together a list of recommended cannabis seeds and breeders for you to review and consider before buying cannabis seeds online. As a new grower, it can.

How to prevent PM in your home grow

Question: How do I prevent powdery mildew in my home grow with cannabis plants? Answer: There are many ways to approach preventing powdery mildew in your indoor garden. Controlling humidity, using foliage sprays, and keeping your grow environment clean are.

reputable seed banks in the us

If you’re shopping for a reputable seed bank in the USA, Green Carpet Growing has the list you need. If you want quality cannabis seed genetics, don’t trust flashy websites with generic information. Instead, look for authentic breeders who are well known.

Interview with Farmer Rick of Green Carpet Growing

Green Carpet Growing Home Grow Show Hosted by Marc Eden E8 / Farmer Rick, Green Carpet Growing Green Carpet Growing Video Chat Green Carpet Growing Book Green Carpet GrowingCultivation Webinars Green Carpet.

Plant People

Cannabis growers become “plant people” and vice versa. Cannabis growing people are very much “plant people.” Many new cannabis growers come from the “plant people” world, but on the flip side, first time cannabis growers with no gardening experience often.

Small Scale Cultivation For Personal Use and Plant Count Numbers

What is “Small-scale cultivation for personal use” and “plant count limits” all about? The phrase, “small-scale cultivation for personal use” is an important one to be familiar with if you grow cannabis at home, or plan to. Small scale cultivation for.

What is CBN?

The spotlight on CBN oil in the news is growing this 2020. Everyone wants to know what CBN is. Why? People are focused on the cannabinoind CBN to be used as a sleep aide. However, the jury is still out on many CBN related issues, such as whether CBN is.

What to do if you are pulled over? Pot Brothers at Law explains with their script

Pot Brothers At Law are known for giving the best advice to cannabis consumers in California about how to handle getting pulled over or going through check points. Pot Brothers At Law want to teach you how to stick to your rights. They also share tips.

Best Air Purifier for Powdery Mildew

The best Air Purifier for powdery mildew in your home grow is the Airo Home Hobby Grow air purifier from AiroClean420.It is a good exercise to think about how their technology works.Airo Home Hobby Grow works by using a fan and a proprietary bio-conversion.

Do you like gardening? Growing cannabis indoors year-round might renew your passion and benefit you.

Did you grow up gardening? Do you have fond memories of gardening with your family back in the good old days? Is “the joy of gardening” something you can relate to? If so, you may want to learn how to grow cannabis at home. Positive answers to these.

CBS8 Features Green Carpet Growing | Aired 12/4/2019 & 12/5/2019

In case you didn’t see it, CBS8 featured Green Carpet Growing on the nightly news on 12/4/2019 and morning news on 12/5/2019. Journalist Tim Blodgett attended a Green Carpet Growing grow class and put a normalizing spin on it. Special thanks to Dark Heart.

What is craft cannabis?

Home growers and small to medium size businesses often focus on growing craft cannabis. But what is craft cannabis? Craft cannabis is thought to be high-quality cannabis cultivated on a small scale with great care, grown organically without man-made.

The Easy Organic Gardener Show | Hosted By Sheri Frey | Guest Marc Eden

Tune in and listen to Sheri Frey interview Marc Emmelmann on The Easy Organic Gardener radio show. The topic? Growing cannabis! This interview was recorded on 11/24/2019. LISTEN NOW! Host Sheri Frey with guest Marc Eden talk about growing cannabis at.

Air Purification, Air Sanitization, and Air Filtration Explained

What is the difference between air purification, air sanitization and air filtration? A few “air” terms in cannabis cultivation are frequently misunderstood by new home growers. Specifically, “air purification,” “air sanitization,” and “air.

CBD Products for Sex

Want to improve your sexual intimacy with CBD products? Want to give the gift of CBD products for sex with your friends and lovers? You aren’t alone. Look no further, we’ve got the scoop on CBD Oil, CBD lube, CBD arousal oil and other cannabis-derived sex.

Interview with Green Dragon CEO Jim Hernandez

Green Carpet Growing Home Grow Show Hosted by Marc Eden E7 / Green Dragon Fertilizer, CEO Jim Hernandez In this interview with Jim Hernandez, CEO of Green Dragon, you’ll learn about how his unique new bio-solid fertilizer is made. Jim Hernandez is a sitting board.

Interview with John Hayman III, AiroClean420

Green Carpet Growing Home Grow ShowHosted by Marc EdenE6 / AiroClean420 CEO John Hayman In this interview with John Hayman, CEO of AiroClean420 (KES Science), you’ll learn about how AiroClean420 prevents powdery mildew, fungi, molds, bacteria, and more. After years.

How to get resin off your hands

Q: How do I get resin off my hands? What is the easiest, quickest, safest way to clean your hands after trimming sticky cannabis?A: You can use mayonnaise to remove sticky cannabis resin from your hands. The process is lighting quick. Goodbye sticky hands.

A cannabis themed children’s book

A cannabis themed children’s book to help you talk to children about cannabis.Do you talk to your young children about cannabis? If you do, fantastic! If not, Author Susan Soares has just the storybook for you. Her book “What’s Growing in My Garden?” is a.

Best LED grow light 2019 / 2020

What is the best LED grow light on the market for growing cannabis this 2019 – 2020?Sure, there are many high quality LED grow lights to choose from, but what is the very best LED grow light available this 2019 and 2020? Look no further than the Gavita LED.

LED Grow Lights and DIY LED Light Building

Green Carpet Growing Home Grow ShowHosted by Marc EdenE5: Devon / @DetailedLightingDesigns In this interview with Devon, a San Diego-based DIY LED builder, you’ll learn a thing or two about LED lighting and growing cannabis.What LED.

What are Spider Mites and what are they doing with my cannabis plants?

Spider mites love to infest cannabis gardens and eat your plants. Spider mites are not actually spiders, but they sure act like them with their web-weaving ways. Spider mites are actually tiny mites that only resemble spiders. The most common spider mite.

CBD Video: CBD and Pain

Learn about CBD and pain with the Medical Director at the Center For Medical Cannabis Education, Dr. Jamie Corroon. He discusses how the endocannabinoid system is involved in the processing of pain signals. If you have been wondering how the body works.

CBD Study: The Endocannabinoid System and its Modulation by CBD

The Endocannabinoid System and its Modulation by Cannabidiol (CBD) By Jamie Corroon, ND, MPH; Jake F. Felice, ND, LMP As interest in, and use of, phytocannabinoids from Cannabis Sativa L (Cannabis) has increased with the number of state-regulated Cannabis.


Popular cannabis strains in San Diego, California 2019 In San Diego, there’s never a shortage of new cannabis varieties to sample. These favorites are also some of the most popular in California in 2019. They include brand new genetics as well as classic.

How do you become a master grower?

Q: How do you become a master grower? A: To become a master grower (or grow master,) first differentiate between home growing and commercial cannabis cultivation. Big difference. You see, legal commercial cannabis companies hire master growers for legal.

Is it legal to sell cannabis I grow at home in California?

Q: Can I sell cannabis that I grow at home in California? A: No. In order to sell cannabis in California, you must obtain a license from the Bureau of Cannabis Control. However, you may give your cannabis away. If you are 21 years of age or older.

Is there a 420 Lounge in San Diego?

Is there a 420 lounge in San Diego? So far, no, there are no legal 420 lounges or cannabis cafes. San Diego has not yet legalized a cannabis consumption 420 lounge, also known as cannabis cafes. If you want to see 420 lounges and cannabis cafe’s in San.

Jeremy Warren Interview | Dr. Jeremy Warren Director of Plant Health

Green Carpet Growing Home Grow ShowHosted by Marc EdenE4: Dr. Jeremy Warren of Dark Heart Nursery Dr. Jeremy Warren, Interview In this interview with Dr. Jeremy Warren, Plant Health Director at Dark Heart Nursery, you’ll learn.

Myths about growing cannabis at home

There is a pervasive myth about cannabis cultivation being so terribly difficult in America. It stems from the “War on Drugs” scandal in the 70’s during Nixon’s presidency. Is growing cannabis at home easy? Yes and no. Growing cannabis at home is quite.

Growing with Humboldt Seed Company cannabis seeds in 2019

This 2019, cannabis seeds from Humboldt Seed Company include a variety of new varieties as well as classic strains. The high-CBD strain this year to grow is Willy G’s Lebanese. Some high-THC strains like Bigfoot Glue, Pineapple Trainwreck, and Asphalt.

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