wedding crasher strain

Wedding crasher strain

Small, light green dense fluffy buds. With a mild, melon type scent, cantaloupe or honeydew. This bud comes crashing through with a lemon ginger exhale almost like a citronella candle. Creeper buzz takes a minute but then, wow. Crashed the party again. Giddy party buzz with moderate euphoria. Great for an amusement park or the beach. Would make nice joints, burns nice and smooth.

Love This strain, really gets me going My new go-to strain after a stressful workday.

Great taste, nice buzz, helped with my appetite and stress. Definitely not sativa. Indica hybrid for sure

70% Sativa? REALLY? Clearly who wrote this has never smoked a TRUE NLD (sativa) variety, and/or literally has zero strain knowledge. Wow allbud, you are as bad as leafly budtendingwhistleblower – Posted Jan. 17, 2021, 12:39 p.m.

This is labeled as a strong Indica at my dispensary, but it’s mixed with Wedding Cake and Grape Puypia. Very smooth. Feels like a full on Indica as it’s labeled. THC 26%

Tastes JUST like buttercream icing from the wedding cake that I had when I crashed my moms wedding. Real tasty. Definitely gets you high, which comes in handy when you wanna be high. My mom still won’t talk to me but this is some good weed.

Wedding crasher is Wedding cake x Purple Punch and that equals a bomb strain. First, let me tell you, this strain smells so good, so dank you’ll want to live inside the jar where your weed is stored. and i mean it, i really loved the aroma, the aroma resembles a weird combination of grape with earthy and diesel terpenes. For looks, well, looks amazing, it can be described as a fluffy, spongy like nugs with a traditional indica “pine” shape, with smaller buds. a dank green tone with orange pistils all covered in trichomes, nice crystals there. looks dense, spongy, sticky as it comes and of course, astonishing. Really craving the looks and aroma. The taste can be described as a delicious kinda diesel, sweet, fruity with grape flavor. For the effects, it really left me high and stoned for a long time, happy and relaxed for hours, potent rush and effects. dope. It could be used all day or at every time of the day. The Wedding crasher is a really dope strain, if you love strains like wedding cake or purple punch, hell, if you even like weed in general, I suggest you check this one. Youll get surprised. a happy surprise

Wedding Crasher 23.23 THC 5/6/20 Cultivator:Revolution The nuggets seemed a bit dry, but remained resinous and sticky, leaving stickiness to the fingers after breaking up a bud. The smell is of blue fruits (primarily blueberry/grape) with lavender, and undertones of a lemony citrus. The presence of multiple terpenoids is experienced both with the smell and the taste. The taste is fruit-forward, and can be described as “blueberry cookies” with a bready finish. The myrcene presence obscures some of the more subtle floral notes. Bold hints of pepper, giving the taste a bite, but the finish is generally smooth with a soft vanilla finish. The high is very potent, complete, and lasting. This is a fine choice for an evening smoke offering relaxation and great taste. Taste:9.5 Aroma:8.5 Bud Quality/Curing: 9.5 Terpene: 9.5/10 High: 9.5 Overall: 92/100 Strain notes: (Wedding Cake x Purple Punch). Hybrid. Purported terpenes: Limonene, Myrcene, Caryophyllene, Pinene, Elemene.

Wedding Crasher is a sativa dominant hybrid strain created through a potent cross of the classic Wedding Cake X Purple Punch strains. You ready to crash this wedding? You'd better be prepared for a super long-lasting and energizing high that will get you up and moving on the dance floor, working …