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Wedding Gelato


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Plants didnt end up the usual size I grow them as I had no room on my nft tables for first 4 weeks of flower. My timings were all out.

They ended up on the nft tables and finished off as u can see.

I’m sure these would have been bigger. If you know my grows you know what I mean.
The buds are perfectly formed and smell delicious.
They’ve had a 3 week flush so should taste exquisite

Hi! Finally got here to be able to cut.
Honestly she was ready approx 1.5 week ago but I was away and I couldn’t even come back due to this COVID bug shit.

I had to harvest 11 plants at the same time so could not really make a tons of pictures this time I used last taken pics and videos in order to present the “whole plant” as she has not changed a lot only got a bit fatter lol :zany_face::zany_face::zany_face:

I provided 4 days of darkness and 4 days without watering before she was cut.

This plant again a big big big like to Royal Queen Seeds. Amazing creation the triangle love. Thank you to the company and James providing me this lovely creature.

I absolutely recommend for begginers and everyone if you want to grow RQS genetics and wanna choose one because:

I. Easy to grow she is not “spoiled at all” and not really sensitive so more less nutritient or water she takes well.

(She was a bit slower growing lady at the beggining but later found herself)

II. You don’t need to worry about streching that much especially if you top her, yes because not every plant cares about topping too much i am telling you just feel free to look around 🙂

So growing this beauty is easy. Well, I have performed many techniques here especially LST but used FIMming and then Topping and specially topping more branches at the same time.

Flowering? Amazing she creates nice buds well, for me the plant itlsef did not get purple (the leaves what I mean) but the flowers a bit pinky which is so so nice like the medium steak.

Smell is great if you smell from very close you got that pine smell. Gorgeous.

And yes, I am alright with the quantity she was grown next to 10 other plants so this lamp is amazing (ViparSpectra PAR 600).

I am absolutely :100: satisfied with this creation and the easiest word that describes her is that she is calm and tame.

Smoking report will be updated once we get there to be able to smoke 🙂

Happy Smokes Guys 😉


Time has come. Beautiful nugs nicely cured together and the smell is just amazing pine one.

Effect: Exactly as it is described by the breeder. euphoric, uplifted hits you quite quick. It does not tie you in one place but strong stuff. so you can smoke during the day if you can handle lol. 😉

Let’s say it is balanced gives mind and body high as well I am absolutely satisfied and met with my expectations 🙂

Finally: 10 stars to grow. and of course 10 stars to smoke! Go for it!

Thank you RQS & James and thank you Guys! Cheers! :call_me_hand::facepunch:

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