water plants seeds

Water plants seeds

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A well maintained pond is the single most complex and useful habitat that you can provide in your wildlife garden. Even a small pond can be an oasis for wildlife, attracting dragonflies, offering water for birds and small animals, and providing habitats for frogs, newts and many aquatic insects. Ponds are important for a huge diversity of species, some will spend their entire life cycle in the water while others come and go.

However, as well as all these benefits for wildlife, by adding a variety of gorgeous water plants in and around your pond, it will also become a beautiful feature for your garden, so take a look at our extensive new range of aquatic plants – and don’t forget to add our specialist containers and aquatic compost to your order. As well as our new water plants, we have highlighted a number of ‘pondside perennials’ which are plants that are particularly suited to planting around the edges of ponds but should not be planted in the pond itself or in boggy pond margins.

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