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Hey, it appears that I have strained my VMO (vastus medialis oblique) muscle on my right leg. I thought that rest, ice, and quad stretches would do the trick, and after resting for about 3 days, I went on a run. For the first half hour of the run, I felt no pain or tightness and then, all of a sudden, the VMO muscle started to tighten up and then it eventually got really sore and painful. I had to stop running. Thus, after resting for a few days, it is clear, the muscle didn’t heal much at all.

I’ve tried searching online for help on this issue. I search “vastus medialis muscle strain”, “strained vmo muscle”, etc. and I have no luck. Most of the results I get are articles explaining patellar tendonitis and how you need to have strong quadriceps and you have to have a strengthened vmo muscle to prevent P.T. This information has not been helpful because I need to find out what I need to do to heal this deep VMO strain.

Can anyone help me? Has anyone had a strain in this muscle before that maybe they can shed some light on how they recovered from it?

Are you sure it is a strained/pulled VMO? I had some tracking problems one summer with my kneecap and it was presenting itself as pain between my kneecap and the VMO. I had the same type of symptoms, it would be ok then get really tight and painful randomly at a certain point in the run.

I would go to a PT/Sports Physician or your AT before making an assumption.

while i’m not completely sure if it’s “strained” (but that’s what my AT told me) I know for sure that it is not my knee. I have no pain in my knee or between my VMO and my knee. any pain and tightness is on the VMO.

that seems bizarre, i don’t know how/why you would just strain the oblique fibers of your vastus medialis

I’ve been suffering from the EXACT thing. I want to race on the 31st but this seems like a unacheivable dream at this point (the 22nd). I’ve done light tissue massaging and some light strengthening but it seems to flare up whenever I run a couple miles. I think it either needs to more time or it needs a little bit more of a push in terms of strengthening. I would go to a trusted PT if you’re considering trying something new. I’m likely going to push it a little harder tonight and see how it goes but it is really demoralizing so I feel you on that.

Just saw this post.My high school teenager strained his VMO over 6 weeks ago and still is not able get back to running for longer than 1/2 mile without tightening/soreness and he usually went 3-5 miles easily before all this happened. He has been going to PT as well to strengthen the area.
Am curious if you have made progress since March and how long it took?

I am suffer from some problems in my right vmo about 2 year if you have relief from your this injury tell me how pls

I strained my VMO back in December. It wasn’t from running, however. In terms of weighted leg work outs, I was more focused on dumbbell front squats, but I wanted to re-incorporated barbell back squats. Between being tired and poor execution, I definitely did some something wrong because the next day, as I went out on my long run, my leg completely seized up after about a little over a mile.

Usually, with any kind of strain, I avoid stretching, . In those first 48-72 hours, I focused on icing. After that, I’m okay with doing some heating. I wrap the muscle in an ace bandage while asleep, do my best to stay off my feet and limit going to the gym, and focus on keeping my leg elevated/rest/get extra sleep. After about 5 days, I took the massage stick to the area after waking up and before going to bed. I would regularly feel how tender to the touch the area was before doing so just to check on progress of healing.

To be safe, I took off two weeks from the date of injury from running, but I probably could have jumped back into after 10-11 days. And I have very slowly reincorporated certain leg workout, or stuck to body weight for now.

Help: Strained VMO Muscle Report Thread User Options Hey, it appears that I have strained my VMO (vastus medialis oblique) muscle on my right leg. I thought that rest, ice, and quad