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Ernest Herb’s Strain Review

So I’m sat in my studio looking out the window and it’s a fucking miserable day outside. All I can see is grey and I’m thinking, what be better time than now to do my first strain review.

Todays selection was picked up at last month’s Bath Cannabis Club meet, and was gifted to me from none other than the horse himself, Next Level Flavours. I decided on the day to go for the Velvet Pie F2 bred by In House Genetics, coming in its eye catching and well branded Mylar bag, with a little spy hole on the front giving me an exciting glimpse of the flowers to come.

This 50/50 hybrid features Velvet Cookies (tha “buddoc cut”) crossed with high yielding Black Cherry Pie crossed all together back to itself with a chosen male stud to produce an incredible cross with vibrant colours and a terpy palette.

My first impression from seeing the packaging is ‘this weed is going to be rad!’ And it doesn’t disappoint. I open the bag and empty it out on to the table, I pour a selection of dense sounding, trichome coated nugs. The buds are beautiful range of colours including deep purple undertones covered in bright orange hairs and flecks of bright green leaf here and there. Don’t get me wrong, this bud has been trimmed well and obviously manicured with care, and only adds more aesthetic beauty. The buds are so dense you can barely indent them when squeezing and leaves no stickiness on your fingers once put down. Every bud is nice and tight and has obviously been cured well.

So when opening the bag I’m met with a sharp sweet berry aroma that has a slight gassiness to it after. This smell is really unique and I can’t say that I’ve experienced the terpene profile before. The buds themselves have a more subtle smell to them but that comes straight back through when ground up, and theres even an added hint of wild cherry and even might I say some slightly tropical vibes coming through too.

A bit like when I mentioned in the aroma section, the initial taste on the inhale is quite subtle with mainly a gassy side coming through with floral undertones. But the sweet berry flavour really comes through on the exhale alongside a creamy richness that is very complimentary. When taking a break between tokes, its noticeable that there is a slightly peppery and maybe even a kushy after taste with still a hint of berry when swallowing.

I wouldn’t say the strain is absolutely bursting with terps, but a unique terpene profile is there for sure, and I’m certainly fucking enjoying it! It’s also worth mentioning that by this point, that I’m on my second joint, so this Velvet Pie is definitely speaking for itself, and the high is already in full effect. Leading me to the next section…

The effects begin almost immediately while smoking this strain. The high is instantly uplifting and everything seems a bit brighter. My first thought is ‘My fingers feel very free and loose’, and I now feel capable of typing between about 3000-5000 words per second. I feel great! My whole body feels energised, which as a cancer patient, doesn’t happen very often, and I’m also feeling very clear headed, which I love from a smoke as I constantly have so much to do, so this I’m liking very much.

I’d say that this particular cut of Velvet Pie feeling very Sativa dominant, with a comparable productive buzz that I get from the Tangilope, a particular pheno from Manchester, which I like to smoke in the mornings when I have a particularly busy morning. Its been about half an hour since putting out my last joint, and I’m feeling very relaxed. Still very clear headed and light, but the energetic buzz has definitely started to wear off, and despite my mind still feeling very productive, my body has definitely mellowed.

Overall I have to say that this Velvet Pie F2 is a very pleasurable smoke with just the kind of high I like when combusting in the daytime. A clean body high that free’s the mind. I always like fruity strains and this is definitely one of them, but with that added hint of gas keeping it current and relevant in todays market.

No real downers that I can think of with this one, only maybe the slight peppery after taste, but nothing in the slightest to put me off, thats for sure. I would definitely recommend this strain to someone who likes to smoke in the day but has a busy schedule. For me, Velvet Pie provides that exactly!

I’d be really interested to hear your thoughts and opinions on this strain if you’ve tried it. How did you enjoy it? Did you experience a similar high? If you want to let us know, then you can hit me up personally on IG or through The British Seed Company website.

Ernest Herb’s Strain Review So I’m sat in my studio looking out the window and it’s a fucking miserable day outside. All I can see is grey and I’m thinking, what be better time than now to do my