uk cheese seeds

UK Cheese Seeds

UK Cheese is famous for its pungent cheesey smell, like aged cheese that has been cured in a cave full of skunks. The cheese aroma from fresh buds is super strong and tasty. Beware, when grown outdoors it will stank up the whole neighbourhood.

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UK Cheese Genetics

UK Cheese strain is the most popular strain to come out of the British Isles. A community of growers based around the Luton region in the area north of London, originally started growing this strain in the mid-1990s. UK Cheese is an especially pungent phenotype of the Sensi Seeds strain Skunk #1. This pheno has and average THC content of 17%-20% with less than 1% CBD. The terpenes are mostly all myrcene here which gives Cheese its extraordinary musky smell. Growers in the UK shared this strain all over the region throughout the years. Eventually it was exported to the EU continent where it quickly gained popularity in Amsterdam. It then eventually made its way to the United States in the late 90’s.


It was originally a Sensi Seeds Skunk #1 phenotype that exhibited an extraordinary smell of vintage Cheese. Maintained in clone form for many years by anyone lucky enough to get their hands on it eventually it was hybridized with Afghani #1 and seeds were produced.

It quickly became one of the Top Ten strains sold in all the coffee-shops in Amsterdam and won numerous awards in the High Times Cannabis Cup. UK Cheese produces a well-balanced effect, a physical and cerebral mixture.

Flavor & Aroma

UK Cheese strain is famous for its pungent and funky cheesy smell like aged cheddar cheese that has been hanging around a cave full of skunks. There are also some fruity and spicy earthy notes. The taste is almost identical to its smell and leaves a spicy and tangy cheese flavor on the palate. The scent of fresh buds and the odor from the smoke is very strong so, be careful if using nearby others unless you want someone asking you for a taste.

UK Cheese Effects

The high produced by UK Cheese is fast-acting and begins as an energetic and carefree feeling. UK Cheese is evenly balanced with 50/50 indica to sativa. This makes cheese perfect for medical users who want a chilled relaxing but not sleepy experience. Cheese is popular for its effectiveness at fighting depression, migraines, and stress.

Growing UK Cheese

With an 8-9 week, indoor flowering time and lush heavy harvests UK Cheese seeds grow bushy and produces fat colas completely reeking of skunk and funk. Cheese thrives indoors but can also do well outdoors with low humidity and warm temperatures. The average outdoor yield is 16oz/plant and they should finish by mid-October. Uk Cheese does very well using a screen of green (SCROG) method and is normally resistant to common molds and mildew issues. The buds are light green colored with orange hairs and a sticky coating of resin.

UK Cheese strain is famous for its pungent cheesey odor. Good ventilation is needed when grown indoors. Grown outdoors, neighbors will know.