udub strain

Udub strain

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Best bud on the planet

Nice indica dominate high. calms and relaxes me without being too sedative at all (unless you smoke a lot which I like to do sometimes right before bed which then this really helps with sleep. I do have to smoke a tad bit more to get to where I need to be compared to some other stronger strains but it is only like an extra bowl (that is comparing it to a super bomb strain like northern lights 5). UW is perfect for my PTSD, down side is I get head aches an hour or so after smoking and the after taste, from the batch that I got, has like a BC ‘planty’ like aftertaste. I love indicas and this is a nice mellow indica dominate high which I will look forward to going back to in the future.

This is the first strain I tried as a new marijuana patient. I am using it for plantar fasciitis and heel spurs, instead of ibuprofen. I was concerned it would make me anxious since I have a very low tolerance for THC. I decided to try it anyway, as it is mostly indica. The buds are dense and thoroughly covered with white crystals and orange hairs. The taste is very piney and woody. The high starts very intensely with a head heaviness that fades into an all over muscle relaxation and warmth. Mentally, I felt very out of it for the first twenty minutes. After that, I felt very relaxed and was able to go about my day. The pain relief is narcotic-like and it seemed to effectively reduce all swelling in my foot and ankle. I would highly recommend this strain for pain relief and relaxation.

UW is one of the finest cannabis strains that you can possible get your hands on. Not only is it incredibly rare to come across but it is not your everyday strain to medicate with. It is primarily an indica strain, which is also popularly referred to as U-dub. With an amazing 24% THC content, it …