trident strain

Trident strain

I am a 4x cancer survivor, I have all kinds of residual aches and pains, anxiety that traditional medicine has not helped (without the aid of Trident). Without the psychoactive element, I have days, weeks that I can function normally both physically and mentally. I wish for a 2gram cartridge! Happy in Lakewood, Ca

I have chronic inflammation due to systemic lupus and this strain seems to help both with the inflammation & pain, but I also really appreciate the low THC levels. It’s just enough to take the edge off (my neuropathy has also been attacked by the lupus inflammation making me anxious, angry, and depressed) without making me tired or cloudy as most marijuana does.

If this strain brings to mind images of nuclear missiles, it's no accident. Though THC levels are typically low, less than 6%, Trident delivers a massive dose of CBD, 12%, making it an ideal choice for treating childhood epilepsy and other conditions that respond to CBD. It's a near-even sativa-d…