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Dominant Origins & Notables

If you are on the hunt for a potent strain that creates an overflow of creativity, then you should try Tijuana Fem. With a name like Tijuana, you know you are in for a good time! Boasting a THC content of 22%, this potent herb has many traits that will make you a fan. Just like the lively city in Mexico it was named after, it has all the properties to make you feel like you have spent a day doing shots at a tequila bar but without the hangover!

The parents of this strain are Haze and Kali Mist. These heavy hitters give you the best of their traits in one fabulous lady. Because both of these strains are sativa dominant, your energy will instantly be boosted after your first few tokes. The uplifting vibe will spur on creativity and open up a window where inspiration is broadened.

This strain is also popular for the immense medical benefits it offers to patients in the medical marijuana world. If you are searching for an elixir to soothe your mental and physical symptoms, give this ganja a try to put you at ease. Since this strain gives you an army of females, you can be sure each seed will grow into luscious smokable buds. These potent seeds from I49 are perfect for beginner and novice growers and will blow anyone’s mind who gives this strain a shot.


When growing this Mary Jane, you must know a few things if you want your plants to achieve their best potential. Outdoors, plant these cannabis seeds in a Mediterranean-like climate to help your plants grow as high as 6-9 feet tall. Be ready to harvest some tasty nugs in October before the frosty weather arrives. Because this strain is a naturally heavy yielder, the colas grow massive and will need a support system to ensure the branches don’t snap. Be consistent with the basics and these plants will grow some huge dank buds for you.

Flowering Time

Once you get your weed seeds, that is when your cultivating adventure begins. After finding the perfect place to plant your cannabis seeds, the flowering process will take 10-12 weeks of patient excitement as you watch them grow bigger each day.


Be ready to have a tall indoor grow show when growing these weed seeds inside. They grow like wildflowers and are one of the taller plants in the vast marijuana world. When cultivating these seeds in an environment that you can control, they can produce up to 400 grams per plant. The Screen of Green (SCROG) method offers the best results. This is a system where there is a screen that intertwines with each plant you are growing in your grow room, helping support the branches to create potent marijuana buds.


If you are thinking about growing these seeds outdoors, there are a few things to consider before planting them. They can grow up to 9 feet tall so plant them where they won’t attract any unwanted attention. A sunny and warm location will help these plants thrive. They can yield up to 500 grams per plant outdoors where mother nature does most of the work for you.

Medical Application

Adverse Reactions

Although this weed can have many medical and personal benefits, if not smoked in small doses it can follow with some unwanted side effects. If you were to consume this marijuana in high doses, you could start to feel waves of anxiety that could possibly lead to paranoia. This can easily be avoided if you start in small amounts and feel out the vibe. Red eyes and dry mouth are usually common when smoking any marijuana, so keep hydrated to help ease those effects.


Be ready for a wave of excitement after just a few tokes of Tijuana Fem strain. The buzz will be unforgettable as it takes you to a happy place. A ball of positive energy will bounce around your body and mind making for a super enjoyable high all around. You will feel the cerebral effects that will put you into high progression getting ready to take on the day full speed. A clear, lucid high that hits immediately will last for hours. Once the head high starts to fade away, the body will hit relax mode unexpectedly. As your eyes start to close, muscles soften, you will feel the need for a nice cozy couch and blanket getting you ready for a good night’s rest.


As you happily prune your marijuana plant, the nugs will produce a satisfying scent. The citrusy and fresh smells will have you ready to bust a nug up and see how it tastes. Once the plant comes closer to the end of the flowering stage, you will start to smell a woody fragrance.


After watching and caring for these marijuana plants, now is the time to give it a try. On the first toke of Tijuana Fem, you will taste peaty notes. Next up is the fruity surprise when the smoke touches your lips. On the inhale it will taste fresh and sweet, then the exhale will offer a spicy finish. Eager smokers will love the taste and keep on smoking it just for the fantastic flavor.

Similar Strains

Past users and growers call this strain TJ and Tij for short.

After giving Tijuana Fem strain seeds a try, you may want to expand your horizons in the pot patch. If you are looking for something that is similar to this senorita, we would suggest you try L.A. Confidential Fem. This is a mix of heavy indica hitters which make for a potent and relaxing bud. With a THC content that can reach up to 26%, this weed can knock even novice smokers on the couch.

Another strain you’ve properly heard of is Afghan Kush which is known for being a strain that is 100% pure indica. If producing concentrates or hash is something you like to do, this marijuana strain is great for that, as it has nice juicy resin buds.

When you combine the two above strains together you get L.A. Confidential x Afghan Kush fem>. This has many medical benefits. It can help relieve migraines, stress, chronic pain, and many more health issues. After a few tokes of this strain, you will feel a relaxing vibe flow through your mind and body putting you into chill mode.

A mouth-watering strain that is definitely one to try is Afghan Kush x Super Skunk Fem. With its super dank nugs, you will be taken away by the potency of this weed. Her large yields and quick flowering time make this strain perfect for anyone wanting to clear their mind and relax.

Last but definitely not least we have Afghan fem. It is a well-known strain for relieving stress and pain in the medical marijuana field. The big delicious nugs are a fan favorite because of her hash-like smooth smoke taste. With each toke, you will feel a relaxing buzz rush throughout your body and mind.

Whichever strain you decide to cultivate, you can be sure that when you order from I49 you will get the most potent and dank seeds in the game. Our customer service makes the whole process easy and convenient.

Nick Names

Past users and growers call this strain TJ and Tij for short.

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