the strain the white

White Light

David Bradley as Abraham Setrakian
Kevin Durand as Vasiliy Fet
Richard Sammel as Thomas Eichorst
Miguel Gomez as Augustin ‘Gus’ Elizalde
Ruta Gedmintas as Dutch Velders
Rupert Penry-Jones as Mr. Quinlan

White Light is the eighth episode of the third season of The Strain.

Summary [ edit | edit source ]

In Bronx where the blood chamber warehouse is, Thomas Eichhorst, Alex, Sanjay Desai are testing the blood chamber machinery. Alex pushes a button which moves the test dummy connected in the hook to go to the blood drainer. Before the test dummy was going to the drainer, Thomas Eichhorst ask them to turn it off. Alex turns it off Thomas Eichhorst asks them why their was a test dummy. Sanjay Desai told Thomas that the dummy weighed the same pounds as a normal human being, Thomas Eichhorst then grabs Alex and puts him on the hook. Alex struggles while Sanjay Desai is asked to turn on the machine. Alex then goes to the blood chamber, once he is inside the needles drained all of his blood. When the hook was about to bring him over to the incinerator Sanjay Desai stops it and says that it was not quite running up yet. Thomas Eichhorst tells him to make the incinerator up and running. Sanjay Desai said that he will get it running soon.

Augustin Elizalde and The Silver Angel are seen going through a crowd of people in The Stoneheart Freedom Center in Queens. Once they got inside Augustin Elizalde shows the employee the bullet wound from Angel’s arm. The employee hands them over clipboards to sign. Augustin Elizalde says that he’s not the one getting treated, but the employee said that they strongly agree that everyone register. The employee suggested that he donates blood to his “Father” Augustin Elizalde says that Angel wasn’t his father, he also says that his father is a coward and says that The Silver Angel is his guardian angel. Augustin Elizalde and The Silver Angel sits down in a couch to sign the clipboards. The Silver Angel tells Augustin Elizalde leave and that he will get treatment. Angel warns Augustin Elizalde about coming back to his apartment because Guadalupe Elizade might still be around. Augustin Elizalde tells him that is still his mother.

A flashback occurs about Augustin Elizalde when he was young in 1993. His family members are sitting at the dinner table Gus and his mother has bruises on them. A family member sitting at the table asks where Gus’s father was. Guadalupe Elizade says that she doesn’t know, Guadalupe Elizade tells Gus to go to bed. The family tells Guadalupe Elizade to let Gus stay because it helps him know how a real man should behave he said. After the conversation one of the family members leaves the apartment.

Under the highline park in Manhattan. Abraham Setrakian and Vasiliy Fet are waiting for Eldritch Palmer, Eldritch Palmer arrives and hands him a letter. Eldritch Palmer explains that Cyrus Minow is the person who ordered him off of his own ship and tells them his address. Abraham Setrakian opens up the letter to see some identification cards for the both of them to enter The Stoneheart Group apartment housing complex. Eldritch Palmer suggests that he could pay him a visit. Abraham Setrakian tells him not to come with them and then he tells him to go get more information about The Master. In Quinlan’s headquarters Vasiliy Fet and Abraham Setrakian discusses about Cyrus Minow. After the discussion they go to the housing complex somewhere in Manhattan.

At Red Hook, Brooklyn Ephraim Goodweather and Dutch Velders listen to the audio logs of Flight 753. They hear the Air Traffic Controllers communicating with Flight 753. When the audio ended a heavy vibration of sound is heard through the audio devices they were using. The sound was powerful that Dutch Velders was feeling unconscious, Eph tries to turn off the audio device Eph unplugs the wire in the computer stopping the sound. Dutch wakes up, They talk about how their is a full audio recording of the master’s parallel signal. Dutch vomits in the middle of the conversation and says that she needs to lay down.

Abraham Setrakian and Vasiliy Fet comes to the housing complex to find Cyrus Minow. When they got to his room Fet knocks on his door, Cyrus Minow opens up the door and Fet pushes him against the wall. They threaten him to tell them about the ship Cyrus Minow says that he has no idea Fet throws him to the ground and points a gun at him and tells Abraham that he is useless. Cyrus Minow tells them that a wooden crate was in the ship and to get it to a person named Sanjay Desai. Cyrus Minow told them that he could take them to where it was at.

In Harlem Augustin Elizalde comes back to his apartment. Augustin Elizalde calls out his mother, He goes to check under his bed to see that no one was there. Augustin Elizalde picks up a rope and goes to the kitchen. He gets a basket from a cupboard under the sink. Another flashback occurs again where Gus goes inside the apartment. He sits down in a chair with his other family members. The family member and Gus talk about Guadalupe Elizade Gus’s mother. Gus’s mother tells Gus that they are going to be okay and tells him to take care of his brother Crispin Elizalde. His mother tells Gus to be strong.

Meanwhile Quinlan walks in where the The Ancients are. Quinlan warns them about a piece of cargo that The Master ordered. Quinlan then talks about the egyptians managing to seal an Ancient that was in the crate and tells them that the cargo is the one that the Ancient is in. Quinlan tells Lar that one of the ancients made an alliance with The Master. When Quinlan talks about the “pawnbroker” Lar says that he doesn’t trust him. Quinlan said to them that he wishes them a speedy death. Lar tells him to wait and said what was his proposal. Quinlan told him back to get The Ancients off the pedestals to something other than a captive human meal. Lar says that he is ready to listen Quinlan said that he will return later with instructions.

At Fet’s loft in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Eph gives Dutch food while she’s in bed, when Eph give her a thermometer Dutch says that she is fine. Eph said that the sound knocked her off more harder but Dutch said that it was because that he is older than her. Eph says that he is not older than her. After they talked Eph said to Dutch that he can’t get Zach back without her there was an awkward moment of silence. Eph leaves her room to clean up.

Back at Harlem The Silver Angel comes back from the freedom center. Angel yells out for Gus Angel looks for Gus in his apartment. Angel sits down on his couch and takes out his pills and swallows them. Angel takes a rest in his couch.

In Bronx Abraham Setrakian, Vasiliy Fet and Cyrus Minow arrive to the warehouse. Abraham asks him where was the crate. Cyrus said that he left it in the loading dock. Cyrus enter a code for the door, the door opens up and they went inside. When they pass by the blood chamber Abraham checks it out, Cyrus tells him to come back but they when in anyway. Vasiliy Fet gets angry at Cyrus, Cyrus says that he never seen the place before as he gets hit in the face by Abraham. Cyrus said that he was doing his job Abraham told him about how it is said by countless facilitators of genocide they leave the blood chamber to go outside. Once they got outside Cyrus sees Sanjay Desai helping out in loading the crate in the back of the truck. Cyrus points to the truck and says it’s here, Abraham then shoots a guard as the guard shot Cyrus in the chest leaving him dead. They have a shootout while Sanjay Desai and Thomas Eichhorst load the crate in the truck. Fet kills one guard and takes cover Sanjay Desai shoots back. Thomas Eichhorst tells everyone to get in the truck. The truck drives by them as Thomas is seen smiling as they get away from the warehouse. Fet and Abraham shoot back but no luck. Another guard was shooting at them as Abraham and Fet leave.

At night in Harlem. Angel wakes up to see Guadalupe Elizade in their apartment. Gus walks and sees Guadalupe Elizade. Just when Guadalupe Elizade was about to attack Gus shoots her in the head. A flashback occurs before Gus delivered the box across to Manhattan. Aug comes into a bar and meets his friend Cheevo. Cheevo serves him a drink Gus said that he is looking for some work to do. Cheevo told him about a person that looked like he had cash and said that he needed to do something in the airport. Cheevo hands him over a letter from Thomas Eichhorst. Gus sadly covers up his dead mother’s body with his jacket, Gus talks about his mother.

Meanwhile in Red Hook, Brooklyn Eph is reading a book while drinking vodka. Dutch thanks him for taking care of her. Eph talks to Dutch about how he worked with a lot of nurses and says it’s a bus mentality for him. Dutch brings up topic about a beautiful young nurse and Dutch start making out with her. Dutch starts to seduce him Eph asks her if it was “torture porn” then they start kissing,

Somewhere underground New York Kelly Goodweather tells Thomas Eichhorst that he believes that The Ancients are near by. Thomas tells Kelly about The Ancients about how he needs someone to track them back to their lair.

Under the highline park Abraham Setrakian, Vasiliy Fet talk about how their plan went. Abraham asks how many “blood farms” they were. Palmer said that they are 100, Abraham tries to take out his sword but Fet stops him. Fet says to Palmer to find where they went. Palmer said that he can find it.

Quinlan arrives to where The Ancients are and ask them if they are ready to act to save themselves. Lar said that they are ready. A lot of vampires come in, Lar told Quinlan that he is a traitor but Quinlan said he isn’t the one who brought them there. Thomas Eichhorst brings in a briefcase and insults The Born and The Ancients. Thomas arms the briefcase and leaves the briefcase as everyone fights. The vampires were able to overwhelm Lar. But The Ancients are able to fight. Quinlan fights his way through the strigoi and speeds away. Thomas walks out of there and goes to a safe area and detonates the bomb. An entire neighbourhood block was annihilated possibly killing some citizens as well that are in the neighbourhood block. Thomas smiles as the explosion kills The Ancients. Quinlan’s fate is left unknown.

White Light is the eighth episode of the third season of The Strain. In Bronx where the blood chamberwarehouse is, Thomas Eichhorst, Alex, Sanjay Desai are testing the blood chamber machinery. Alex pushes a button which moves the test dummy connected in the hook to go to the blood drainer…