tga subcool seeds

TGA Genetics Subcool Seeds

TGA Genetics Subcool Seeds was founded by a small group of dedicated medical growers in 2001. These people didn’t want to follow the industry standard so hey started to work with an open source breeding and to create new varieties that are very different from the other.

TGA strains has a wide range of using. They help people worldwide from pain, nausea, tremors, nerve pain, anxiety and even social disorders.

All varieties are very fragrant and have heavy resin producing properties. Many breeders value these strains for the unique smell and taste.

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Very beautiful resinous bud with a very good smell strongly satisfied with the genetic result to keep and work !!

Très beaux bouton résineuse avec une très bonne odeur fortement satisfait du résultat génétique à garder et a travailler !!

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