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What is a Weed ‘Tarantula Joint’?

When you think about smoking cannabis, the first thing that probably comes to mind is: “Where’s my bong?” People sometimes forget about the good ole, classic joint. You know – the one rolled in paper, smoked in the bushes with your friends on a Friday night out.

Perhaps some have gotten bored with a piece of rolling paper, stuffed with some bud or mixed with tobacco. But eventually, someone somewhere down the line got a little crafty and made smoking a joint an experience to remember. Low and behold – the tarantula joint!

The tarantula joint takes joint smoking to the next level and will be sure to give you that extra rush that you have been looking for from a doobie. Tarantula joints are a combination of bud, oils, concentrates, and kief. The result: A doobie that looks a lot like… a tarantula. Because the joint is rolled in kief at the end, it gets a brown, hairy tinge, giving it a fuzzy arachnid-like appearance.

These joints are quite potent if I must say, because they are loaded with all sorts of good stuff. If you are lucky enough and live in a state where marijuana is legal, you may be able to find some pre-rolled tarantula joints for sale, usually not too expensive, as you’re buying a single joint. But with enough knowledge and craft, you can make your own tarantula joint at home.

[Ready to learn more about this fantastic species of a doobie? Read on to get the 4-1-1 on tarantula joints!]

What’s in a Tarantula Joint, And How Do I Make One?

So, as you know, a tarantula joint isn’t your typical, average, everyday doobie. It’s the creme de la creme of joints , a loaded baked potato with all the fixins’. It starts off with a standard joint paper, and within the joint paper, you add your bud of choice. Match it to your mood or whatever experience you’re looking for; it will be enhanced in the later steps.

After you have ground up your bud and put it in the joint, you need to add some concentrates. This can be something like budder, honey oil, butane hash oil, resin, dabs, wax… the possibilities are endless. This is what is gonna give your average joint that extra ‘je ne sais quoi.’ By adding the concentrates, you’re gonna be getting about an additional 40 to 80% extra THC. Make it however strong you like, to fit your preferences.

Once you have your concentrates added in with your bud, go ahead and roll it up as you would any other joint. And now comes the fun part. Next, you’re going to roll that joint in a CO2 oil . This will give it yet some extra zing, as well as prepare the outside of the joint for the final, and most anticipated step. And that step is…rolling the oiled joint in kief!

This is what truly makes the tarantula joint a tarantula joint. The kief will give it even more THC for an extra punch, as well as that signature spider-like appearance that cannot be mistaken or forgotten.

Where Can I Get a Tarantula Joint?

By now, you are probably ready to ditch the bong and take a trip down memory lane with a classic paper joint (with a new twist, that is). There are two ways to get your hands on one of these furry, THC packed joints.

First, you can simply buy one. Depending on which state you live in, you might have some difficulty finding these but on the West Coast at least, where cannabis is generally legal for recreational use , you can find them individually wrapped and sold at your local dispensary. They aren’t that crazy expensive, but aren’t exactly the cheapest joints on the block either, usually ranging from around $18 to 20 a pop. But you must keep in mind, you are really getting a bang for your buck, as the tarantula joint consists of a lot of components (which are expensive to begin with).

If you have enough skill and expertise, however, you can roll a tarantula joint right in the comfort of your own home. As long as you know the proper rolling techniques so your joint won’t fall apart on you while smoking, and you have the right ingredients (such as oil, concentrate, kief, etc), you will have yourself a furry little friend in no time at all – ready to be smoked and enjoyed! So even if you don’t live in a state where you can just go into a dispensary and buy a tarantula joint, or even if you do and they simply don’t sell them, you can always do it yourself!

How Will a Tarantula Joint Make Me Feel?

Because of all the THC in a tarantula joint, it is guaranteed to get you, well, pretty high. A tarantula joint is best set aside for a rainy day – those days where you can lounge around all day, without having any important obligations to fulfill. After all, this is some strong stuff!

The type of high you incur will greatly depend on the strains and strengths of your buds and concentrates, but generally, with an average THC content of around 80%, you’ll probably feel super mellow and stoned, but euphoric at the same time. Many people who smoke joints so high in THC as tarantula joints often crash on the sofa in a sleepy, yet euphoric ecstasy. You’ll most likely feel really good no matter the case, but just be in a safe place so you can be prepared for however it comes to make you feel!

In addition, you’ll probably notice a dissipation of all pain pretty quickly, as high THC and CBD contents like that found in tarantula joints tend to drown out muscle aches, tension, stress, and nerve pain! So it’s great if you are looking for natural pain relief, as the high amount of cannabinoids can greatly improve inflammation and soreness.

Tarantula Joint Side Effects

Because the tarantula joint has the potential to be super strong and potent due to the many components (some of which are concentrates), side effects are not uncommon. With the ability to reach up to 80 to 90% THC, the tarantula joint is not a starting place if you’ve never smoked cannabis before, or are new to the game.

Common side effects of tarantula joints differ depending on which strain of cannabis, concentrate, CO2 oil, and kief you use to make your joint. But most commonly, people report dry mouth (cottonmouth), red eyes, dizziness, extreme sedation, tiredness, lack of coordination, impairment of thinking/judgment, and a potential increase in anxiety.

People with current mental health issues or anxiety should exercise caution when smoking a tarantula joint, as the high THC levels may produce too much of a psychoactive high for them and potentially cause panic. People suffering from schizophrenia should also be warned, as it can potentially cause paranoid thinking or behavior.

But overall, as long as you smoke it responsibly, and stay hydrated, the likelihood of extreme side effects can be greatly mitigated.

Tarantula Joint Take-Home

The tarantula joint is a unique joint that is true to its name… it really looks like the leg of a tarantula. With its several components, the tarantula joint offers an ultra-strong dose of THC and CBD – sure to induce a very euphoric, yet at the same time mellow high, that has the potential to help dramatically reduce pain and inflammation.

With it being able to be bought in the store, and, with the right know-how, made at home, a tarantula joint is never out of reach! Just as long as you have all the main components that are often found in a tarantula joint, and of course, the kief to give it the signature, fuzzy outside coating.

So, what do you think? Are you brave enough to conquer your fear of spiders and try this captivating and unforgettable joint? If so, what are you waiting for! Try making your own tarantula joint today!

We hope you enjoyed this review and found it to be entertaining, educational, and informative, and would like to remind you that the responsible usage of cannabis is up to the individual, and side-effects are more likely to occur if improperly used.

There are many ways to take your joint to the next level but have you heard of a tarantula joint? We take a look at what they are and how to make your own.