swazi gold seeds



100% African sativa cannabis landrace strain. The coveted treasure that packs a powerful and zesty punch.

Eswatini’s Real Swazi Gold

Swazi Gold (known locally as Nguni). The real story behind this fast acting marijuana strain from South Africa called Swazi Gold dates all the way back to the 1940’s where legend has it that this is how it got to Malawi. Today, it has become one of the pioneering cannabis strains for contemporary cannabis engineers cultivating in Eswatini and even as far away as the United States where it is extremely sought after. As farmers, we adopted this African gold swazi cannabis strain due to its phenomenal sugar-like taste, smooth amazing exhales, and incredible highs. Cannabis in Eswatini.

Seeds & Farming

The strain Swazi Gold got its name from zip code H100, Swaziland, now called Eswatini. This region borders Mozambique and South Africa and provides the perfect climate for growing landrace sativas such as Swazi Gold. Flowering type sativas grown in Eswantini are known for being extremely potent and contain 18% to 27% TCH. The seeds produced from farming this exceeding strain are known worldwide for their strong and long-lasting effects. Many home growers today are now growing Gold Swazi due to its powerful genetics and high yields.

Our Story

We are licensed and visionary growers of high-quality cannabis where the art of cultivation combined with years of harvesting experience sets us apart from our competition. Our plants are cultivated without pesticides or fertilisers; however, wood ash and cow manure are commonly used on our farm because they provide the perfect balance of nutrients and other organic matter that make our Swazi Gold Seeds the King of Sativa Cannabis. We also believe in soil regeneration by conducting crop rotation, which benefits both the plant and environment.

Discovering the Swazi Gold Treasure

Much like a pirate’s buried treasure, discovering the powerful landrace genetics of Swazi Gold is like finding a king’s crown full of jewels. Many compare the heavy-hitting effects to those of other powerful sativa strains such as Sour Diesel, Lemon Cake, Amnesia Haze, and Maui Wowie. Make no mistake about it, this strain will stone you into oblivion while providing uplifting and energetic effects coupled by a fast onset of cerebral activity. Discovering the Swazi Gold Treasure for yourself is as easy as buying your seeds today.

The Dankest Cannabis Seeds for the Seasoned Connoisseur

Many seasoned and highly critical smokers expect nothing less than the dankest cannabis seeds for their grows; therefore, seasoned connoisseurs can relish in the fact that Swazi Gold is a superior grade of cannabis. It is well known for its heavy citrus flavor combined with earthy undertones reminiscent of pine cones, but its most notable attributes are a wicked sensation of dry mouth coupled by short-term memory loss. Breaking the buds apart comes with an aroma of freshness guaranteed to blow your nose away. Smoking Swazi Gold leaves a delightful and ripe fruit sweetness for your taste buds to savor while the smoke on exhale has a zesty aftertaste. Since seasoned connoisseurs know the difference between good and bad weed, they can expect nothing but pure gold with Swazi Gold Seeds.





Grow indoors & outdoors


18% THC (tetrahydrocannabinol)

Flowering time 55-85 days. Gives a euphoric buzz complimented by a citrus and pine fragrance with a zesty aftertaste.

Swazi Gold Marijuana Is In-Fact That Good.

As a matter of fact, Swazi Gold is so good, it’s often crossbred for a new generation of hybrid plants. This particular strain can grow up to three metres in height in the right conditions. South Africa’s ecosystem provides the ideal environment for these plants to thrive and produce huge yields and is well known by indigenous purveyors as the best place on earth to grow and harvest sativa plants. As a result, we routinely net yields of 800g per square metre; however, Swazi Gold gets ever better, it’s a strong and resilient plant, especially in mountainous regions where it grows wild and free. This is a unique sativa strain with a flowering time between 55-85 days and the anticipated wait is worth your time growing because once its harvested and properly cured, the power of Swazi Gold will blow you and your mind away.

Swazi Gold African sativa cannabis marijuana strain packs a punch! 18% THC. Euphoric buzz, heaven citrus, pine fragrance. Strain Information.