sunny delight strain

Sunny delight strain

Sunny d is like breakfast in marijuana form. Just taste oranges and tangerines! Citrus fruits with a hint of that great gsc earth we’ve come to know and love. Omg Oh My God the SMELL!! Terps shoot you into orange grove and tangie grove that all the fruits are being smashed all at once. Ehhhh so good. The high just the same bright energy but not jittery 😬 no no.. just ezzz relaxing cool energetic keep me going no anxiety buzz through the morning. 28year mmj and this in my top.

Sunny D is a slightly sativa dominant hybrid strain (60% sativa/40% indica) created as a potent descendant of the infamous Tangie strain. On the hunt for the perfect wake-and-bake to accompany your breakfast? Look no further – Sunny D has you covered. This bright and lifting bud brings on a super…