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The 5 Most Potent Indica Cannabis Strains (2020 Update)

After a tension-filled day of being on top of everything, all we want to do is relax. If that’s your goal, too, then you could use some quality indica flower. For us cannabis enthusiasts, only the best will do. Gear up for red eyes, a ruthless appetite, and lots of laughs. These five indica strains will blow your mind and melt your tension in 2020.

Indica-dominant strains serve up a mellow, relaxing, and stoning experience. However, not all of them soothe the body to the same degree. Here at Royal Queen Seeds, our expert breeders have produced some of the most potent, body-slamming indica strains on Earth.

We’ve assembled a list of classics and newcomers alike, all with one thing in common: sheer strength. With their unique blends of terpenes and high THC levels, these strains deeply pacify the body and mind.

Without further ado, these are our top five indica strains of 2020.


Even with our massive genetic archive, Green Gelato ranks among the most popular indica hybrids, and for good reason. She packs THC levels rarely seen elsewhere, and a mouth-watering mix of aromatic terpenes complements her incredible potency. She puts out compact flowers that boast stunning shades of dark green, deep purple, orange, and yellow.

These pretty blossoms pack a heavy trichome load, a physical sign of the mind-blowing THC content of 27%. Approach this strain with caution, especially if you haven’t been smoking cannabis for very long. High productivity also sits high up on Green Gelato’s long list of impressive traits. She develops a thick and fruitful canopy both indoors and outdoors, considering she receives adequate nutrition and a warm environment.

Everybody loves a soothing indica high, but these highly potent strains take relaxation to the next level. These are our top 5 indica strains available in 2020.