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That will strain water mains, he says, so the water board must upgrade many of its 20,000 miles of pipes.

Cows also compact the soil, trample native grasses, strain water supplies and introduce too much nitrogen into the earth from their dung.

Generally found in shallow waters, they are filter feeders, meaning they use a specialised organ to strain water for edible nutrients.

He says increasing temperatures in Nebraska’s summer months are decreasing soil moisture, leading to increased irrigation demands that threaten to strain water resources in the region.

It isn’t just the matter of growing corn for ethanol, which is already straining water supplies.

The engineers went to see organisms that had evolved to solve their own water treatment problems, like mangrove trees that turn salt water to fresh water, and filter feeders, like barnacles, that eat by straining water .

Burgeoning population growth is also straining water resources.

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