strain indicator

Strain indicator

P3 Strain Indicator and Recorder

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The Model P3 Strain Indicator and Recorder is a portable, battery-operated instrument capable of simultaneously accepting four inputs from quarter-, half-, and full-bridge strain-gage circuits, including strain-gage-based transducers.

Designed for use in a wide variety of physical test and measurement applications, the P3 functions as bridge amplifier, static strain indicator, and digital data logger.

The P3 can be configured and operated directly from your PC with a separate software application included with each instrument.

Four input channels

Direct reading LCD display

On-board data storage

0 to 2.5Vdc analog output

Quarter, half and full bridge circuits

Built-in bridge completion

120-, 350- and 1000-ohm dummy gages

Automatic zero-balancing and calibration

Intuitive, menu-driven operations

Operation from keypad or PC

Portable, lightweight and rugged

Battery, USB or line-voltage power

Optional 10-pin transducer connectors

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P3 Strain Indicator and Recorder.