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Stardawg feminized seeds

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The beautiful dark green and star-studded buds of this dominant Sativa look like they pack a punch, and, at 24% THC, they definitely do! With Stardawg seeds, you’ll get a smoke that gives you hours of happy relaxation, where you’ll find yourself completely shielded from the stresses of everyday life and can deal with anything. The buds are also packed with terpenes, giving them an intense flavor of pine with notes of diesel and earth.

    Blackskull Seeds Feminized Photoperiod Outdoor Indoor Energetic with a mellow relaxing Chemdawg 4 x Tres Dog 80 – 120 cm indoors 150 – 200 cm outdoors 550 – 700 g/m² indoors 800 g/plant outdoors 56 – 63 days Early October 90% Sativa / 10% Indica 24 %

Stardawg Strain Info

Stardawg is a strain in feminized cannabis seeds form brought to you by Black Skull Seeds. This Sativa-dominant hybrid is characterized by its beautiful appearance, unique pine-like flavor, and potent, long-lasting effects.


Stardawg is a cross between Chemdawg #4 and Tres Dawg. The family tree of the former is a complete mystery, but their unique properties have made these seeds the basis for countless successful hybrids, including Tres Dawg itself (which was made with the addition of Afghani #1 genes).


Perfect for those smokers who are looking to just chill and be happy, these mood-enhancing and uplifting properties help fight stress, anxiety, and depression by making you less worried and fatigued and more calm and motivated.

THC Levels

If you like cannabis seeds that pack a punch, look no further than Stardawg. Her THC content is insane at 24%, and resin production is so high that more enthusiastic growers have taken to making their own cannabis extracts such as rosin and butane honey oil (BHO).

Smell And Taste

Among the many terpenes that are present in these buds, pinene seems to be the primary ingredient, making the smoke smell of pine forest and leave an intense, pine-like aftertaste. Other flavors inherited from Stardawgs parents are diesel fuel and earth.


Indoor yields for this Sativa-dominant hybrid are 500-700g/m² (1.6-2.3oz/ft²), while outdoors, Stardawg can bring in as much as 800g (1.75lb) per plant!

Flowering Time

With a flowering period of 56-63 days indoors and outdoor harvest ready in early October, it’s no surprise that Stardawg is extremely popular among both commercial and home growers.

Grow Tips

Stardawg has seen great popularity across Europe in the last few years due to her ease of growth, way above-average bud production, and relatively short growing time. While her yields are already heavy, they can be taken a step further with some low-stress training (LST) and defoliation. Here’s some more information to help you grow these seeds:

  • Plants grow to a medium to tall height – 1.2m (4ft) indoors and up to 2m (7ft) outdoors.
  • Use organic nutrients for better smell and taste.
  • Prune excessive branches and lower bud sites to increase productivity.

Stardawg Seeds

Like any commercial variety whose sole purpose is the production of buds from every seed, Stardawg is available for sale in feminized form only.

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Kandy Seeds – The UK’s Number 1 Stardawg Seeds Supplier

The UK’s Number 1 Stardawg Seeds Supplier

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Feminized Stardawg Seeds UK

Like many of our visitors you are likely searching to Buy Kandy Seeds Feminized Stardawg Photoperiod Seeds.

Our Stardawg seeds produce some of the highest grade cannabis on this planet. Identical to the now famous ‘Manchester Cut’ the quality of Kandy Seeds Stardawg is second to none.

Kandy Seeds Stardawg require only 3 – 4 weeks of vegetative growth and a flowering time of 8 – 9 weeks depending on the growers preference. Kandy Seeds Stardawg produce up to 600 grams per square metre with THC levels topping 28%. Kandy Seeds famous Stardawg is a cross between an extra specially selected cut of the famous Tres Dawg and an extra specially selected cut of the outstanding Chem Dawg 4 and the outstanding result is a favorite among many seed collectors, smokers and growers across the globe.

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Kandy Seeds Stardawg

If you are looking for high quality cannabis seeds in the UK we are sure to help you out. We are the number one supplier of Stardawg seeds, Gorilla Glue #4 seeds, Grandaddy Purple seeds, Gelato Seeds and more in the UK. We provide you with some of the best genetics on earth including our very popular Stardawg.

Many of our visitors are searching for photoperiod feminized Stardawg Seeds. Do not mistake our Stardawg or Gorilla Glue seeds for the autoflower version, there is no comparison to be made (take a look at our Stardawg autoflower and photoperiod comparison chart at the bottom of the page).

Developed in Spain and the US, our Feminized Stardawg seeds are derived from genetics picked from hundreds of tres dawg and chemdawg #4 plants to ensure the best genetics possible. Our Stardawg seeds produce the highest quality, best smelling and tasting cannabis on planet earth with THC levels that top 28%, they should be part of any serious cultivators garden (where legal to do so) and part of all cannabis seed collectors collections.

Stardawg Photo Seeds VS Stardawg Autoflower Seeds

Kandy seeds Stardawg seeds are highly stable, photoperiod seeds that can produce buds that contain THC levels exceeding 28%, when grown in the right conditions this super strain is a must.

Do not mistake Kandy Seeds Photoperiod Stardawg seeds for the autoflower version being sold that produces flowers with up to 22% THC oppose to our Stardawg that can top 28% THC.

We stock only the best quality seeds that produce the highest grade cannabis on earth.

Kandy Seeds – The UK’s Number 1 Stardawg Seeds Supplier The UK’s Number 1 Stardawg Seeds Supplier Buy our high quality feminized Stardawg Cannabis Seeds that produce plants with up to 28% THC