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SPK (Sour Patch Kids) Discontinued

A Sour Diesel bud structure with the purple hues and golden hairs of Candyland.

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Description for SPK (Sour Patch Kids)

This version of Sour Patch Kids greatly resembles the parent strain Candyland with her golden hairs and purple hues, but she gets her lime green buds and diesel like bud structure from her parent strain, Sour Diesel.

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By DaMunchies007 on January 3, 2019

They didn’t stretch much during flowering. Buds are really good, if u ride this out longer than 8 weeks, buds start to look more diesel like. I like this strain, very energizing buzz. Only downside is trim time, take quite a bit longer than others.

Our Sour Patch Kids (SPK) is a premium sativa strain that stands out thanks to her parent strain, Sour Diesel. Flowering takes 8 weeks. Use this weed for pain relief.