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Southern Oregon Seeds Vendor Review

There are two methods to choose from should you decide to grow your own cannabis or hemp plants: seeds or clone. Some prefer using seeds because you get healthier plants, attain bigger yields, and you have more choices. Though growing from seeds can be a bit of a cumbersome process, a lot believe it is worth it. Growing from clones can be quick and easy, but that has downsides as well. One thing is for sure – If you start with high-quality seeds, then you increase your chances of having a premium product. Southern Oregon Seeds reviews got our attention, so we decided to look into this seed company to see if they can give you that leg up for growing cannabis.

What is Southern Oregon Seeds?

Southern Oregon Seeds is a vendor that offers collectible adult genetic preservation souvenir seeds for sale. Gone are the days of going to the seed bank and scouring for high quality breeders. Most growers want a wide selection of varieties and strains when looking for hemp and cannabis seeds. SOS provides souvenir cannabis seeds from different breeders, with over 28 varieties for you to choose from. They source their seeds only from high-quality breeders and seedbanks, so you don’t have to do the hunting yourself.

All of the seeds are available for purchase to those who are 21 y/o and above. As an online seller through their website, Southern Oregon Seeds will only honor business and ship to states/countries where cultivating cannabis is legal. Make sure to pay attention to the rules, regulations, and laws within your own country or region before you put in an order.

What can you get from Southern Oregon Seeds?

You can get more than 60 varieties of seeds for you to choose from. Southern Oregon Seeds know that you have different goals for growing cannabis. As such, they made it easy for you to make a choice by classifying the seeds as:

  • Late bloomers
  • Fast bloomers
  • Hybrid collection
  • 50/50 hybrid collection
  • Indica collection
  • Sativa collection
  • Medicinal properties collection
  • Auto-Flower collection
  • CBD collection
  • Low THC

Make sure to be aware of the different types and make sure you have a plan when you are going to grow your cannabis. It’s easier to do the research first than to learn expensive lessons later. You can also choose among feminized seeds so that you have a higher chance of getting female cannabis. Male cannabis produces yellow flowers that are low in cannabinoids. When you get feminized seeds, you know you’ll be getting those beautiful, colorful, and highly aromatic buds that you’re looking for. Generally, when going cannabis, the male plants are not desirable. You may even find some giving away male cannabis plants and seeds for free! But be careful, because male plants can negatively affect your other female hemp and cannabis plants.

If you’re looking for a particular brand of seeds, these are the names that you’ll see in the store:

  • Bodhi Seeds
  • Brothers Grimm
  • Dutch Passion
  • Exoticgenetix
  • Humboldt Seed Company
  • Humboldt Seed Organization
  • La Plata Labs Seeds
  • Loud Seeds
  • Medical Marijuana Genetics
  • MoscaSeeds
  • MTG Seeds
  • Nirvana Seeds
  • NorStar Genetics
  • Seedsman
  • Sensi Seeds
  • Super Sativa Seed Club
  • Verified Genetics

They also carry about 16 seeds that bear their Southern Oregon Seeds label. You’ll get the seeds in packs that contain 5, 10, and even up to 50 souvenir seeds, depending on the variety.

Aside from seeds, they also have different CBD products such as edibles, e-Juice, creams, balms, soft gels, and tinctures. You can also get some SOSeeds Gear for wearables that bear the Southern Oregon Seeds logo.

How much do the seeds cost?

Late bloomer seeds are tagged $25.00-$150.00, with fast bloomers ranging from $50.00-$325.00. Hybrids cost $50.00-$325.00, while 50/50 Hybrids will cost you $55.00-$100.00. If you’re buying Indica, expect to spend $50.00-$165.00. For Sativas, you’ll be paying $25.00-$325.00.

Medicinal Properties collection goes for $25.00-$85.00, while auto-flowering seeds have a flat rate of $50.00. The low THC has a price of $50.00-$65.00, and you can get feminized seeds for $25.00-$100.00. For the Regular Collection, you’ll be spending $55.00-$325.00.

If you’re thinking of buying their CBD products, You’ll be spending $6.00-$114.00. For the SOSeeds Gear, you’ll be shelling out $16.00-$35.00.

How will I pay for my order?

Southern Oregon Seeds will accept payment using Personal Check, Money Order, and Cashier’s Check. This is a bit of a downside as many people prefer payment using a credit card. Unfortunately, as with a lot of online seed sellers, it can be difficult for them to obtain services from high-quality credit card processors. A lot of well-established banks refuse to provide such support to businesses involved in the cannabis and hemp industries. We over at Heavenly Hemp Flower are definitely hoping this is something that will change in the future.

What’s the shipping policy?

All orders have a flat rate of $8.00. The shipping method isn’t clear on the site, which means you’ll probably get the information through email upon payment.

Can I send an order back?

Southern Oregon Seeds don’t issue refunds or exchanges, which unfortunately is another downside. Make sure that you double-check the address as they won’t be replacing any lost or damaged packages in the event you made a mistake with the address.

Southern Oregon Seeds Reviews from customers

There are many positive feedbacks about Southern Oregon Seeds, some of them from repeat customers for years. All of the seeds that they got still have the original breeder packs. The collections are also wide, with strains that you’ll get from all over the world. Customer service is also excellent, and you won’t get that much of a problem with them.

Germination is up to you, though. You won’t get that many tips, so you’ll have to figure out your own germination techniques. This is probably the reason why there are those who say that the seeds have poor germination when there are other that found success with their offerings.

Southern Oregon Seeds reviews vary, with some finding success with the seeds and others having some issues. Since you’re dealing with seeds, getting them to germinate can be a challenge, depending on environmental conditions. However, it’s a company that others trust when it comes to getting seeds for their own little garden.

One thing about growing hemp flower from seeds is that they can take several weeks. If you prefer to smoke hemp CBD flower now, click here, and we’ll send you quality hemp buds that you can enjoy almost immediately!

Southern Oregon Seeds reviews are mixed, with some having success in germinating seeds, while others experience difficulties.