sour tangie seeds

CBD Sour Tangie Seeds 25:1

CBD Sour Tangie Seeds 25:1

CBD Sour Tangie is a new CBD hybrid strain with 25% CBD and almost no THC at 1%. There are two phenotypes to look for while growing this CBD Sour Tangie strain, one is markedly Diesel with denser buds, and a smooth skunky sandalwood taste, the other one grows taller and produces fluffier tangerine scented buds. Both phenotypes taste amazing and will leave you feeling calm and relaxed.

The slightly enhanced cerebral effects can be best enjoyed while meditating, or while out appreciating nature. Artistic types love CBD Sour Tangie for enhancing creative endeavours such as painting, playing music or designing.

High CBD Seeds

This CBD Sour Tangie is extremely high in CBD with 25% and low in THC with only 1%, which makes it well suited for daytime use and for those who wish to avoid the psychoactive effects of high thc weed. This is a high sativa strain with 80% sativa and the remaining 20% is indica. Effects from the CBD Sour Tangie has been described as stress releasing with a heightened state of mind, lots of creative inspiration and a general sense of well being.

Due to the very high CBD content and the super resinous buds the CBD Sour Tangie works well for medical CBD extracts, distillates and CBD oils. It also works great for medical patients aiming to alleviate feelings of depression, fatigue, nausea, headaches, and general aches and pains by using high CBD cannabinoids. CBD Sour Tangie has also been sought after by those who use it to treat glaucoma and to stimulate their appetite. This strain is very smokeable and a good all-around daytime smoke because of the heady aroma and motivating nudge, but it manages to avoid the tweaky paranoid feeling that some high THC strains can produce. High CBD Sour Tangie is an uplifting medical strain without discomfort of the hard crash that high THC strains often deliver.

Characteristics of CBD Sour Tangie Cannabis Seeds

The CBD Sour Tangie strain tastes and smells like orange Koolaid with spiced floral and diesel notes. If you are a fan of the type of strains with a strong of citrus taste and great bag appeal, you should look into adding CBD Sour Tangie to your collection. CBD Sour Tangie grows healthy and vigorous during both vegetative and flowering stages. This strain can grow very tall, up to 10 feet outside So, topping or tethering should be applied to control vertical height and help maximize yields. Because of this, it’s recommended to grow her inside as opposed to outdoors unless you have a secluded garden space where she can grow tall and proud. Indoor flowering time is 9-10 weeks and outside it will finish in early to mid-October. CBD Sour Tangie provides larger than average yields for CBD strains of 10-12oz/m2 indoors and 14-18oz per plant outside. The colas grow relatively big, are super sticky and fluffy with light green hues, lavender-colored trichomes, and bright orange hairs.

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