sour joker strain

Sour joker strain

This stuff smells fantastic even in the package, like lemon grass. And it tastes like and amazing tea, woody and citrusy. It makes me want to blow more after every hit. Smooth! Dry mouth is the only drawback.Just sit back and relax and nary a bad thought; This stuff could mend relationships and new business opportunities.

Not too strong or haze inducing, and functional, along with strong creative urgings. Didn’t notice anxiety either. Great for late night creative toking or day time activity.

Sour Joker is a sweet, shiny, get shit done mild sativa. Unlike other sativas I’ve tried, it doesn’t start out overwhelmingly strong. This would be a beautiful strain for a newbie who is interested in trying a sativa leaning product. Long lasting high. Turns relaxing after two or more hours.

Wow wow wow. First off this is not an uplifting giggly happy weed they discribe. The taste is amazing. Real dank on the inhale and super sour on the exhale. I used it as a wake n bake and that was a mistake. The effects are very similar to Gorilla Glue. First it clouds your head and it leaves you deep into irrespective but lost to regular thoughts. I was messed up good for about three hours. I smoked before an all day work meeting so when it started to wear off I was yawning like crazy. It’s great stuff, just don’t expect the 80/20 Sativa to wake you up. This is a day off or night time smoke. Enjoy🤪

Sour Joker is a sativa dominant hybrid (80% sativa/20% indica) strain created through crossing the infamous Amnesia Haze X East Coast Sour Diesel strains. Want to know where Sour Joker got its name? Just take a few hits and you'll soon find out! The Sour Joker high is insanely giggly and happy…