sour flower strain

Super Sour Flower Strain Buzz Rating: The first hit of Super Sour Flower overrides your senses of smell and taste with succulent sour, spice, musk, fresh citrus, dank and fuel. The smoke expansion of this one-of-a-kind ganja is sure to send even the most seasoned of tokers into a coughing fit. The exhale is smooth and piney with ever-so-subtle hints of floral musk. This medication is a long-lasting, mellow high that would be great for anxiety, pain relief or insomnia.

With lineage of three-time High Times Cannabis Cup winner Super Silver Haze and the famed Sour Diesel, this Sativa-dominant hybrid may, in all likelihood, win future awards of its own. The buds of Super Sour Flower are light-green in color and are absolutely infested with layers of sticky tri-chromes, up from which sprout long, orange pistils that seem to stretch on for eternity. Most patients who medicate with this amazingly potent strain will find difficulty breaking apart this bud for blunts or joints due to its extreme stickiness. Grinders have even been known to become literally stuck when trying to grind this delicious medication up. Super Sour Flower, a relatively new strain to the cannabis world, is gaining popularity in Bay Area dispensaries due to its unique flavor and extreme potency. Reasonably priced at most clubs for $45 to $55 per eighth, patients will be pleased to find out that this is one top-shelf weed that won’t empty your wallet.

While indoor cultivation of Super Sour Flower is recommended for optimum results, outdoor or greenhouse growing environments are also possible. With an indoor flowering period between 9 and 11 weeks, growers will be enthused to discover that the end result of this medication is one of complete potency and beneficial medicinal properties.

Despite the fact that this amazing strain is 85% Sativa, it feels more like 50/50. The medicated effect of this bud is a long-lasting, mellow high the provides both cerebral and body stimulation. The high begins with a slight body high that is overshadowed by a mellow, but uplifting head high. After about 10 minutes this slowly mellows out to a more intense body high along with notable cerebral effects. After about an hour drowsiness often sets in, making it one of the few Sativa-dominant strains that is suitable for treating insomnia, as well as an assortment of other ailments. Enjoy this potent strain whenever you see it available.

This mostly Sativa strain is an excellent medication for all types of cannabis patients with a variety of ailment. This tasty cross-breed came to the medical marijuana world by breeding the award-winning Super Silver Haze and favored Sour Diesel.