sour crack strain

Yet Another Sour-Crack Smoke Report!

Auto Warrior

SeedBank : mephisto
Strain: sour crack
Did it autoflower?: yes and it wasted no time doing so
Soil/hydro: roots organic soil
nutes: megacrop, sweet candy, bud explosion, calimagic calmag, cocowet wetting agent
Light (kind and schedule): @BigSm0 ’s autocobs, lit up 24/7
From seed to harvest: about 60 days give or take a few
Dry Yield: about an ounce per plant
High/Effect Duration: about 2-3 hours when smoked, longer in edibles

BAG APPEAL: it’s so so sticky, the density varied.. I got 2 different phenotypes one was very dense the other mostly dense. You can see the sparkle from the crystals and it’s gorgeous weed. One of the plants foxtailed a little and was harder to trim but still looks beautiful

THE GROWTH: this is where sour crack shines.. it just wants to be alive, eat and grow with minimal fuss and it wants to do it all fast and aggressively. no time wasted, showed sex early went into flower early and then it sped to the finish line so fast. I have never seen a plant go from start to finish this fast & despite some germination challenges no other mephisto strains have given me issue since the sour crack so it seems to be an isolated fluke. While I seem to end up with a lot of picky strains. I did not find the sour crack at all picky and it rewarded me with lush growth throughout with almost no complaints. I have quite a few other mephisto strains about to finish soon but I have a feeling the sour crack is going to be a permanent member of my little garden

THE SMELL: the smell is amazing!! Hard to describe but after a few weeks cure it’s definitely a combination of smells.. like sour candy with a hints of fuel, like grapey sour sweet tarts. It’s quite a stinker post cure too.. I had it in several bags that were also inside a smell proof bag (they’re never really smell proof) and it still stunk up the car on a road trip.. It ended up triple bagged and then put inside a leak proof airtight glassware container and as soon as you crack that lid the entire car all the way to the back seat Would have a whiff in like 2 seconds

THE SMOKE: I don’t find it harsh at all, tastes great, lovely aftertaste, sometimes you just want to smack your lips afterwards. It definitely benefits from some cure time in the jars but it tasted pretty good even before that (I was impatient lol). Tasted super strong in edibles I may water cure it next time.

THE HIGH: it’s definitely indica but it doesn’t really put me to sleep. Everyone’s different I suppose, my better half avoids smoking this strain in the morning before work but I find it to be pretty well balanced honestly. I’ve had some indica that make me comatose or stare off into space when over indulging but the sour crack hasn’t done that to me. It’s fantastic for ptsd, autism related anxiety as well as nerve damage (my reasons for using) but my better half primarily uses it for appetite nausea and migraines and it fits the bill just fine for those too, so if you have medical needs I think you will be quite happy with how the sour crack meets them.

Overall I rate this strain 6 stars out of 5 (yes I can do that lol) based on 3 main pro’s. 1: ease of growth, I would recommend this strain to beginners for many reasons, the biggest of which is this and number 2: how quickly it finishes. The 3rd is The fact that you get quality along with ease of growth & speed.. and that makes this a winner for me. I will most definitely be ordering this strain again and will give anything crossed with it a higher consideration

Struggling to come up with any cons here & it’s hard to think of any, my germination rate could have been better but again seems like an isolated issue, every other mephisto seed I’ve germed from then until now has germed ok. The yield was a bit on the low side BUT, I had then in 3 gallon containers. In the future I would not put them in anything higher than a 2 gallon container because. the plants would end up the same size but I could squeeze more in for a true sea of green. If you’re going to run sour cracks I recommend a container on the smaller side, and more of them. If you’re new to mephisto this is a great strain to start with, it’s the first one I started and now after smoking about an ounce of it after a decent cure, I can’t wait to run it again. Stay tuned for future reviews, sweet n sour will be next

Didn’t grab too many pics but here’s a few I snatched up not too long before harvest and a shot of some wet buds

SeedBank : mephisto Strain: sour crack Did it autoflower?: yes and it wasted no time doing so Soil/hydro: roots organic soil nutes: megacrop, sweet candy…