snow cap strain

Snow cap strain

Can’t say much about the effects of this strain by itself, because I purchased it alongside MK Ultra, in one of my attempts to create another one of my favorite 60% Sativa / 40% Indica Hybrid, or 50% Sativa / 50% Indica Hybrid, raw flower blends; I was pretty good at coming up with some real treats this way. Well, this time, the blend of Snowcap and MK Ultra had an altogether NOTW effect, and all I can say is Hallelujah!

Tried an 8th from cana Botanica Private reserve flower. I have an extremely high tolerance so bare that in mind. took 3-4 bowls and ripped it in my bong, first few minutes are relatively chill, some sort of brain activity, but my emotional and physical energy levels at the time were very low since I stopped consuming copious amounts of caffeine a day. Nonetheless, i went from 3/10 energy to a good 6.5 body and around 7 emotionally. i’m so far around 20 minutes in and i noticed it has some sort of focus, your mind still wanders but you can focus if you want to. euphoria elevates gradually, and the brain high becomes a temple/eye light pressure. kinda like headband effect but for your eyebrows! My perfect strains are usually trippy or extremely euphoric sativas/dom that is all day non-lethargic, I’ve only saw that effect in PR juicy fruit Sativa pheno, a solid thinmint (also sativa phen). or strawcough in high amounts. This is the older chillaxing brother of those strains. has the “all day” feeling but instead of strong head high it’s a brain message.

Snowcap is a strong strain that belongs to the Sativa variety. It has dark-green leaves with lighter-green buds that are packed with trichomes and the strain's colour is a mixture of green and rust. This strain has a very fruity aroma that resembles a mixture of ginger, lemon and menthol. Snowcap…