silvertip strain

Silvertip strain

Montana Silvetip was created by lionhearted dispensary and the strain was grown well by Montana Buds and Lionheart in Bozeman the grower at Montana Buds gave the strain to everyone it definitely is a haze/grand daddy purp cross and was given out because it’s awesome and it had to be shared with everyone so that it never got lost a must try for true lovers of quality

The breed himself has said he doesn’t know who the father was and it was likely a jack herer. Why does it keep saying super silver haze everywhere? The guy who bred this strain wasn’t growing SSH at the time.

I love Montana Silvertip. I have arthritis in my back and right hip. This makes sleep possible. The high is mellow and slow. I am able to function and have pain relief. My favorite.

Yummm. G-13 is one of the most perfect strains to pair with! My S/O and I are taking bong hits of Montana Silvertip ‘Silvertip’ and are digging it, then thinking about adding G-13 yesss please!! Thank you for giving us that thought. I’m glad your plants got good yield with this strain, very powerful I imagine!! Cheers! 🌲🌲🔥💨💨💨💦

My personal favorite strain. It is now impossible to find (without a green card) in my state, but was abundant in my area around 2010. I was able to smoke as much as I wanted/needed with no green-out symptoms. one of only two strains I have experienced that with (lemon haze being the other). One of the best “headband” highs Ive ever had and was amazing for anxiety, depression, and the random aches and pains that come with getting old. That said, this wasnt couch-lock marijuana. I had plenty of energy and a surprisingly clear head. I will be searching for this strain like the holy grail until my state makes it legal or I move to a better state.

Montana Silvertip, also known more simply as “Silver Tip,” is a sativa dominant hybrid (70% sativa/30% indica) strain that's created by crossing the classic Granddaddy Purple X Super Silver Haze strains. This bud is coveted for its insanely potent effects that draw from both of its parent strain…