sherbet punch strain

Sherbet Punch

Alchimia Grow Shop presents Elev8 Seeds Sherbert Punch, an extremely resinous and aromatic feminised marijuana hybrid containing the best Californian genetics.

Sherbert Punch is a cross between 2 Scoops (Grape Sherbet x Orange Sherbet) and Purple Punch (Larry OG x Grand Daddy Purple).

Sherbet Punch: 2 Scoops x Purple Punch

2 Scoops is a very balanced Indica Sativa hybrid created by T-Bud for T-Fly Genetics. The breeder states that this variety is one of the best elite clones he has created in his 40 years of cannabis breeding experience in California.

Purple Punch is a legendary cross highly appreciated for its sweet and creamy aroma, for its pleasant and happy relaxing effect, and for the tremendous resin amount it produces.

This cross between these two great varieties results in a Sativa dominant hybrid that develops a slender, conical and well-branched structure, offering a strong appearance that adapts well to all cultivation types.

Sherbet Punch marijuana, euphoric, psychedelic and very pleasant

It is an ideal variety for both indoor and outdoor cultivation, offering good results in SCROG, SOG, or by using optimisation methods such as tutoring and moulding.

The harvest is ready after about 9 weeks of maturation, just when the flowers show a compact appearance with swollen calyxes and completely covered with resin that even floods the nearby leaves.

This variety is a real delight for cannabis resin extraction lovers, offering a huge return and a rich and intense terpenes profile that is greatly enhanced if cultivated in an indoor grow tent using organic fertilisers.

Sherbet Punch, with a sweet, creamy and exotic fruity aroma

It offers an abundant harvest, with a yield of up to 450g per m2 indoors, and a yield of up to 600-700g per plant cultivated outdoors in open ground.

It produces a a very funny psychedelic, stimulating and euphoric effect, accompanied by a pleasant progressive body relaxation that surrounds you like a sweet embrace.

Sherbet Punch offers a fruity and creamy aroma, combining red fruit and fresh citric hints with biscuit and exotic hashish touches, which are enhanced especially inhale it using a cannabis vaporiser.

Hybrid 2 Scoops x Purple Punch, with a psychedelic, euphoric and pleasant effect, and a fruity and creamy aroma.