sensi star strain review

Sensi star strain review

2 words. Potent Asskicking With that being said this strain really and truly helped me with Schizophrenia Anxiety Torn tendons in knee Carpal Tunnel (severe) Insomnia This strain helped me greatly And I only paid $17 for a 8th 2 rips from my bong and I was good. really good

This stuff is unique the smell is pure bliss sweet and pungent and the taste is smooth and citrusy the colour is spot on and the height is great if you like an Indica buzz

Trying Sensi Star for the first time. I really like it. For me my mind is really buzzed, relaxed but not wiped or couch locked. I really like the strain. I’ve cooked three things this morning and I’m really enjoying the day. Very relaxing – I’m noticing my shoulders and forehead muscles are very chill!!

Beautiful strain I’ve got from Emerald Health Therapeutics (Total THC 16.3%, CBD Dyerxx – Posted Dec. 4, 2020, 6:53 a.m.

My stress and panic disorder melted away. It’s very euphoric and happy going gets me extremely relaxed and peaceful. Excellent buzz and head lift. I usually feel uneasy, on edge and a feeling of doom from panic disorder but after smoking Sensi Star I feel great. It has a profound effect on me reducing stress, panic and anxiety to levels of zero. Excellent!

Great bud at 22.5% it’s very euphoric & happy. My stress level is a zero and that’s unusual as I have a panic disorder. Negative thoughts are gone. I feel calm, peaceful happy and very stoned too! I will never smoke another strain again.

Sensi Star from Peace Naturals Project in Stayner, Ontario . got my medical weed come in at 25 on the nose for THC . very dry in feel when ground down and rolled tho smoked like a champ ..slowly ! Main purpose of my purchasing this strain was the high thc count for sleep.. smoked an hour before lights out . it did the trick nicely along with above average stress/anxiety removal. Only disappointment was taste only mildly dank Overall a great strain for bedtime !

Sensi Star is a dominant Indica variety strain that has a strong Indica high. It has an incredibly high THC concentration that starts from 20 percent. It has a very unique and pungent aroma that sometimes seems sweet. Its aroma has a hint of citrus and earthy flavors as well. The strain has a mos…