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Saint Augustine, FL
(5 reviews)
February 25, 2021
As a new gardener who just bought a house in Florida I was super stoked to come across the Seedman website. Here was a source full of the exotic and unusual plants I imagined filling my yard with, along with the traditional garden offerings. Unlike so many other venues that show only a glitzy photo and vague, glamorous plant descriptions, Seedman has poured its 25 years of experience into their catalog, sharing a ton of practical information on the plants and links to even more. I love that, so I did the noob gardener thing and ordered 15 different seed packs. 😛 As soon as I ordered I got a confirmation, and it shipped out the very next day. It arrived with no discrepancies, neatly packed into ziplocs labeled with name, source, and sprouting instructions, and a promise to replace any seeds that don’t germinate, which seems pretty generous. They even sent along garden markers for the pots, which is really thoughtful. The seeds themselves look good, clean and whole without mold or decay. I’ll report back on their germination. If you search for reviews about Seedman online you might see a lot of negative ones that don’t really belong to them. There’s a company out there called Seedsman that sells cannabis and generates irate customers who leave cranky reviews. Unfortunately a lot of them leave out that important second S and the review gets attributed to the Seedman company.
Neutral plgplants
Brooklyn, NY
(1 review)
September 11, 2020
I ordered seeds for cordyline rubra, homalomena lindenii and gryphon begonias in early August.

Germination rates have not been great.

Followed on packet instructions for each type of seeds.

Out of the 13 different seed packets ordered so far only 1 packet has germinated.

I have been growing plants and trees from seeds for years and this is the lowest (or completely absent of growth) germination rate that I have ever experienced.

My germination rating will follow next year after sowing. On May 29th, 2012, LadyAssassin changed the rating from positive to neutral and added the following:

To my surprise and delight, they responded personally straightaway and they immediately mailed the seeds by Priority Mail! I received them all in short order, and will be planting them today (just as soon as I express my appreciation here).

I am involved with “The Great Sunflower Project” growing Lemon Queen Sunflowers to record the number of bees that visit the flowerheads.

The free seeds sent to me by the sunflower project arrived broken and mashed by the postal machines. I thought I should go ahead and get more seeds in case the ones I received were to damaged to germinate. So I ordered from This seller in MS.

I went ahead and sow the seeds sent to me by the sunflower project while waiting for my order to arrive from MS, in hopes that some would grow.

Six seeds arrived from the MS. seller in a resonable amount of time and looked to be in good condition. I sowed them in my other garden as soon as they arrived.

Most of the broken seeds from the sunflower project germinated. (at least 75%) and none of the MS. seeds germinated. (0 %)

It left me wondering why my first batch of seeds from the sunflower project germinated and are now 6-7 ft. tall and the seeds from this MS. seller did not germinate at all.

After reading the other reviews, I now believe it was the poor quality seeds and not me. It looks as if it is pretty much hit or miss with this seller. has 72 reviews (14 negative, 44 positive and 14 neutral) at the Garden Watchdog.

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Seedman notified me every step of the…

Seedman notified me every step of the process and it was a smooth process. Received my items within the timeframe initially provided. My items were all correct and received some freebies they promised!!
With world class genetics looking forward to see how they turn out!! This company has been very professional and would recommend them to all!!??

I will cancel payment on my credit…

I will cancel payment on my credit card.
If that doesnt work I will fly to your location and meet face to face

Reviewing the tropical seed place, not the cannabis.

I see a lot of reviews that are meant to be for the cannabis company Seedsman, but people are leaving that second S out and their complaints are being heaped on the totally innocent I was really impressed with Seedman, not only do they offer a lot of rare and unusual fruit and flowering plants, but their prices are very reasonable and their service is excellent. I placed an order with them that shipped the next day and arrived in great shape with clean, fresh seed. They even threw in a bunch of plant markers as a nice little extra. Will definitely order from them again.

My 2nd purchase from them

My 2nd purchase from them. I’ve grown 8 plants already. Respect 4 Gorilla and Sweet Zombie. Great smoke. My 3 new seeds are Alaska Purple, Girl scout cookies and Peyote zkittles. It took 3 weeks for the newest order to arrive. Used a credit card too.

hope to be updating this with more…

hope to be updating this with more stars. I had never order here before, but my cousin alway had so I figured I’d try it out. I ordered 11/25/20 talk about bad timing in my part. Holiday shipping just started and Usps is horrible. I did a bank transfer and got my confirmation and a expected by date email in 24hra and was like wow. Then I waiting and waiting looked at shipping times and my expected time and it had past with my package sitting in Chicago since 12/14. I sent an email asking for help(in a nice way wasn’t a jerk like a lot of people I see commenting) and got a actual non automated reply after a couple autos in 3 days from Wioleta asking to confirm my address and they can resend and it says they would reply back again in 48 hrs but to expected delays due to that brexit thing going on(no clue I’m American so not sure about that stuff) the 48 hr response time has lapsed but I am still nervously optimistic. If it lets me I update this review as I go through the process. I’m 100% a real dude and not apart of this company in any way just like to give honest reviews to help customers make decisions and companies do better. Go browns!

Update- I have been contacted by Vicki M that they were processing my resend and if anything wasn’t availbLe in my area due to brexit they would contact me. 2 minutes later received email shipment processed estimated 1-22 to 1-29. They did change my freebee but it’s free who cares.
Update- my resend date had now past sent another email but won’t get a reply for a few days so it’s not looking good with these guys. Dropping down to 2 stars.
2-1 sent email to support asking if they knew how long of a delay. They replied with my tracking number and it’s finally made it to the states 1 star readded
2-6-21 they have arrived. It took a very long time but not all was the company’s fault really. There customer service was good even though they were super busy and had a couple days to reply.

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