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Secret Mints #8: Bloom County

Secret Mints #8

Kushmints has been a massive hit since hitting the cannabis market, this lovely cross of Bubba Kush and Animal Mints is a force to behold as well as she has gained a prominent foothold by providing highly euphoric and relaxing qualities while filling your lungs full of pure flavor. It’s of no surprise that I was extremely interested when I heard that this cross exists. Not that I have ever personally seen Secret Cookies anywhere, but almost anything with GSC in it perks my cannabinoid receptors right up. So let’s see how well this phenotype from Bloom County can hold her own, come along for the journey.

  • Lineage – Secret Cookies x Kush Mints
  • Consumption Method – Flower Vaporizer and Bong
  • Visuals – Extreme trichome density on these buds would have any hash maker or extraction artist drooling to get their hands on this extravagant flower from Bloom County. The density is so high, in fact, that this flower essentially looks white in color but isn’t at all. In fact, her forest green tones are accented by spiky dark purple sugar leaves. The sugar leaves are so dark they are essentially black yet the milky trichomes still give this flower a gorgeous white, near silver sheen. Pistil coverage is mild and are tan beauties that add a nice level of contrast to that bright sheen. The bud structure on this flower is a beautiful blend of chunky mild foxtails accented by those black spires of sugar leaves surrounding the bud. This is cannabis at it’s near visual finest, huge hats off to Bloom County for nailing this harvest.

    SCORE – 97

    Aroma – On the very front of this nose is a beautiful blend of gas, pine, and dough. These aromas prevail over the light kushy sweetness on the back end. There is a faint hint of a bright mint-like fragrance but it’s beautifully balanced by just how much this strain wants to be a classic OG with her pungent and sometimes peppery gas. This has the aroma of Kushmints with some classic cookie and heavier OG traits than the original. This flower from Bloom County is triggering my imagination to wonder what it would be like to actually eat a gas-filled kushy sugar cookie.

    SCORE – 94

    Flavor – Via dry vaporization with the Arizer Air, this flower screams of sweetness in every way. It’s actually a very pine-riddled sweetness that tastes as if pine leaves were coated in a sugar frosting. It feels as if this phenotype is Kushmints heavy with cookies on the back end and I have absolute no issue with that as those two are typically flavor winners in my book when crossed properly and boy oh boy, is that the case here! There are pleasant notes of herbaceous earth that settle on your tongue as well while exhaling this herb. These herbal notes are enhanced via combustion and bring out the earthier flavors of the flower as expected with some extra added floral notes. She is absolutely delicious and has one of my favorite palate’s in an extremely long time. This flower from Bloom has a reminiscent taste as some of the best Bubba I have ever encountered, with an added cookie kick. She also smokes as she smells, which is far more rare than you would think when it comes to cannabis.

    SCORE – 96

    Effects – The first few tokes of this flower show her to be an instant mood booster and stress relief. Only one hit in and you will have a smile jaunting across your face within seconds. Can we just revel for a moment in the feeling you get when you’ve found “The One”? When your brain accepts the cannabinoids in perfect harmony while the flavor of some of the best cannabis you’ve ever smoked exits your throat. I could smoke this for days, but I digress. As the euphoria sunk deeper into the center of my head, not far behind the eyes, it quickly started to feel as if I was floating on a bed of clouds. This strain will provide a weighty boost into outer space with no noticeable anxiety or paranoia, at least for myself and I’m quite sensitive to being overwhelmed at times with weed this potent.

    She certainly leans toward the indica spectrum in effects, bringing upon an insatiable calm and body melt that is so relaxing I couldn’t help but release a giant bliss-filled sigh and fall back into my chair. My head was bobbing along to some lo-fi tunes made even more incredible by this otherworldly uplifted sense of life I now had after consuming this cut from Bloom County. Pain was washed away in a matter of minutes as well. I suffer from a lot of posture and misalignment issues that I’ve been working on and my back went from being lock tight to a full release, this is a wonderful strain for chronic pain or even daily aches.

    The dreamy, giggly, and overwhelmingly happy feeling never fades during the experience of this high, and it’s a very lengthy one at that. An almost numb feeling can take hold of you while experiencing this strain that is nothing short of bliss but definitely makes you want to simply relax. Roll, load, or vape yourself some of this splendid flower from Bloom County and fade away after a stressful day. And hey, if it was too stressful, this strain does fairly well with sleep issues as well so have a great night friends.

    SCORE – 97

  • Possible Medical Uses – Stress, Mood disorders, Lack of sleep/Insomnia, Appetite stimulation, Chronic pain, and muscle tension.
  • Negatives (no effect on score) – Mild dry eyes were noted along with dry mouth as well but were not severe in any capacity. Some novice users could experience anxiety or paranoia so as always, please be mindful of your dosing while enjoying any cannabis.

Final Thoughts and Overall Score

I sincerely hope that Bloom sticks with at least one of the phenotypes they are working with as this strain appears to be a monster overall*. This quickly shot to the top of some of the best smoke I’ve ever had and I’ll be on the look out for whichever plant they land on for their rotation. The amount of decreased stress and feelings of calm euphoria was nothing short of my exact needs when it comes to cannabis and how it acts on my receptors. From the stunning looks to the amazing flavor and the potent long-lasting high, this strain is sure to put a smile on your face as you float into a blissful, dream-like state of being. I will be on the hunt for this strain from Bloom County whenever I can find it. This is cannabis at it’s near finest.

I give their cut of Secret Mints #8 a final score of 96/100

*Update – They have chosen to go with phenotype #3 and it’s just as good if not better!

Bloom County flower can be found at a variety of dispensaries in Colorado including Lucy Sky, Altitude, Euflora, WolfPac Cannabis, Mile High Dispensary, Doctors Orders, Frosted Leaf and many more!!

Please refer to their website for updated product drop locations and other information, including merchandise!

Disclaimer: I purchase all cannabis I review(if not it will be noted here) and am not compensated for my personal insights and thoughts from any dispensary or grow. These are honest reviews.

“Marijuana is safer than McDonald’s.” -Unknown

Secret Mints # 8 by Bloom County – Photo Credit: @gluelover303 Secret Mints #8 Kushmints has been a massive hit since hitting the cannabis market, this lovely cross of Bubba Kush and Animal Mints is a force to behold as well as she has gained a prominent foothold by providing highly euphoric and relaxing qualities…