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From starting to patching and thickening in between, you can depend on Scotts ® innovations for seeding success.

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Scotts Grass Seed

Grow and maintain a beautiful lawn with Scotts grass seed products from Ace Hardware. Find an array of Scotts grass products to fit your lawn care needs, including top-rated products that help fill in sparse areas, grass seed to help make your existing lawn thicker and Scotts lawn builder to help you start a brand new lawn with ease. Use these helpful tips to find the best Scotts grass products for your home.

Types of Scotts Grass Seed

Our range of Scotts grass products includes a variety of blends to match the climate and your preferences. Use this list to determine which type of grass seed may be best for your home:

  • Bermuda: Bermuda grass is recommended for warm climates, as it can withstand scorching sun and high temperatures. It grows best in the spring and summer months and is a bit more sensitive to cold temperatures than other varieties. This grass species grows quickly and spreads aggressively, so it’s often recommended for adding volume to sparse lawns.
  • Tall Fescue: For Northern climates, tall fescue is often the grass seed of choice. It grows best in cool weather, although it can tolerate some heat. If planted in warmer climates, you’ll find that tall fescue grows best during the cool part of spring and in fall.
  • Mixed Seed: As its name suggests, mixed grass seed contains multiple types of grass seed in one bag. This results in a hardy lawn that’s more resistant to the elements, parasites and diseases. It also increases the chances of successful growth and is true to nature, as it’s common to see different grass species growing together.
  • Sun and Shade: Scotts Sun and Shade is a type of mixed grass seed that thrives in both sunny and shady conditions. It’s great for lawns that have some full-sun areas and some shaded areas, and it spreads to fill in bare patches and sparse areas. This type of seed can endure extreme ranges in temperature, making it a good choice for most any climate.
  • Seed with Turf Builder: Scotts Lawn Builder, or Turf Builder, is grass seed that’s coated with a special technology to help grow thicker, greener grass. The innovative coating allows the grass seeds to absorb twice as much water as uncoated grass seed and delivers essential nutrients to help nourish the seed and accelerate growth. Scotts has various seed types infused with Turf Builder to help you create a beautiful front lawn or backyard.
  • Seed with Mulch and Fertilizer: Another multipurpose Scotts grass product, these seeds also include mulch and fertilizer for a convenient all-in-one solution for challenging areas. The mixture holds six times the water as regular seed and safeguards the seedlings against disease. Continuous-release lawn food nourishes the seed to promote healthy growth, even in bare or damaged areas.

Shop Scotts Grass Products at Ace

Head to Ace or shop online to discover our array of Scotts grass seed products. While you’re here, look for other lawn care essentials, including lawn food and a sprayer to make application quick and easy. There’s also an assortment of pest control products for keeping destructive insects at bay. If you need assistance choosing the right Scotts products for your specific lawn care needs, our helpful staff is always here for you.

Cultivate a healthy lawn with Scotts grass seed products. Ace Hardware has a wide selection of grass seed and fertilizer to keep your yard looking beautiful.