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Sativa seeds

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From history, Sativa seeds originate from South America and South Asia. One thing is sure about these two areas – they are harsh places for cultivating any crop.

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds has partnered with experienced breeders to ensure that we deal in Sativa seeds that can germinate within a few days, resistant to illnesses and harsh climates, and Sativa ganja plants that give high yields. We are a dependable seed bank where you can order your most favorite seeds and have them delivered within the shortest reasonable time.

Strains for all climates

While we have a vast compilation of Sativa grass seeds, we have specific strains that can do well across any climatic conditions. Some of our top-selling, yet sturdy Sativa cannabis seeds comprise:

You obviously know about this reggae legend who campaigned about the legalization of pot worldwide – Bob Marley. A common Sativa strain in Jamaica, the Bob Marley feminized strain does well across almost every other part of the world, thanks to its adaptiveness to climatic change and harsh weather condition.

Pleasure would all be yours if you purchase the seeds since the strain gives heavy yields with generous amounts of Tetrahydrocannabinol. Connoisseurs find taking this strain the best way to associate themselves with the late legendary reggae singer.

The Bonfire Feminized strain is a resin of beauty packaged with premium ganja characteristics. These include but are not limited to Sativa dominance, high THC levels, and the possibility to do well across different growing mediums.

Ordering the Bonfire Feminized Sativa seeds rings one thing in your mind – you are on the right path to feeling the greatness that gets associated with planting premium seeds. If you opt to purchase the 10 or 20 seeds pack instead of the 5-seeds package, you can expect to get an instant price discount automatically applied on the cart’s checkout.

If you like it more when you begin your day with a potent hit, then Amnesia Trance sativa strain should be in your diary. While it gets sold cheaply at AMS, that doesn’t mean that its quality is correspondent to its price. We make it as affordable as we can to let all our buyers feel what it means to take a sativa strain intended for a morning dose.

Get the seeds at discounted prices, germinate them, and feel the goodness that comes with owning a 65% Sativa dominant strain. The yields are high too, such that you can sell a fraction of them after harvesting — a win-win situation for you in a single package of the same seeds.

Feel blue with the Blue Dream XTRM Feminized strain. Being the most popular strain in the USA as of the moment, there is no better place to get the original strain that maintains the original genetics than at Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds. The Sativa-dominance is up to 80% (up to 24% THC) and has some considerable amounts of the other phytocannabinoids of the cannabis plant like Cannabidiol (CBD).

It is a primal strain for those who would like to get the entourage effect while taking this magnificent strain. What’s fascinating is that we at AMS sell the seeds at the most affordable prices on the Internet today.

Probably you have heard about the new term – Hawaiian hotboxing . There is no better strain to use during hotboxing than this that bears its name – Hawaii Skunk. In fact, most connoisseurs who have realized that it’s among the best strains, the demand is exceptionally high nowadays here at AMS.

We campaign about ordering the seeds well in advance so that we can deliver these high-in-demand seeds to you as fast as we can. Happy Hawaiian hotboxing!

The demand for the Haze Feminized seeds is always high, just like the Hawaii Skunk for predictable reason – enormous growth, exceptional yields, and excellent cannabinoid profile. These Sativa-dominant seeds germinate fast and do not over-depend on the weather patterns. 85% Sativa dominance perfectly explains why that’s the case.

Order the Haze feminized seeds today and seize the present promos (price discounts) on the seeds.

Superbly-packed Sativa seeds in a superb condition

We understand that you like guaranteed delivery, guaranteed privacy and Sativa seeds reaching you in their best form. Before releasing any of our products, we ensure that we have packed them well, stand with our word in matters to do with delivery and most importantly send over well-dried and potent seeds.

Provided the cultivation of pot is legal in your area, you can rely on us when it comes to ensuring that the shipment arrives in hideous packaging materials and those that convey the seeds to you in an extreme form.

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