sangria strain


TGA Subcool presents Sangria a cross between Vintners Moonshine x Querkle characterised by its purple colour and a fruity aroma ranging from chewing gum to grapes. Now available in the regular cannabis seeds collection at AlchimiaWeb!

Sangria is a well balanced 50/50 Indica – Sativa hybrid. The plant develops a strong structure remeniscent of Querkle and matures between 56 to 60 days of flowering. At the initial flowering stage the stretch is usually moderate. This results in a medium-size plant at the end of flowering. The branches are full of long, dense and fleshy flowers, completely coated with resin.

Sangria has a complex aroma that combines Merlot wine, grapes and cherries notes on a wooden background, with 50% of the phenotypes having a sweeter background resembling chewing gum.

Sangria’s rich and complex terpene profile combined with its significant resin production makes this variety ideal to produce generous and highly aromatic cannabis concentrates.

Its effect is sedative, at physical and mental level. It can be useful to combat pain, stress and insomnia.

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