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Sam the skunkman seeds


Sam the Skunkman

The Super Sativa Seed Club is one of the very first seed banks in the world. In the mid eighties every grower knew the SSSC. It all started when ‘Sam the Skunkman’ gave Karel Schelfhout, one of the founders of SSSC and former squatter, the original Haze and Skunk#01 after he moved from California. Karel used Sam’s genetics to create some of the very illustrious strains that later became Super Sativa Seed Club.


The only seed bank that was around before SSSC was from Nevil called “the Seedbank”. Founded by Nevil Schoenmaker, the Seedbank was the first international operating seedbank in the world. Nevil combined the 10 original Haze seeds, that he received from Sam the Skunkman, with the seeds he collected on a strain hunt in Afghanistan to start his famous seed collection. The Seedbank is best known for the Nevil’s Haze strain, but Nevil was also the first to use the infamous Ruderalis strain in his breeding work. The seeds that Karel received from Nevil, added to the ones he received from Sam, became the first breeding and the foundation of Super Sativa Seed Club.

High times

Between 1985 and 1987 SSSC genetics pushed the limits of breeding and growing all over the world. When High Times magazine published a cover story about the Dutch seed bank, sales exploded. In less than two years SSSC sold millions of seeds in the USA, Europe and Asia. After two very successful years the adventure ended. The founders went their separate ways and most of the SSSC seed collection got lost.

Legendary genetics

‘Weeds do not perish’ is a literal translation of the Dutch expression ‘onkruid vergaat niet’. And this is exactly what happened. After the adventure of SSSC ended, Karel saved one very important plant, a daughter of the original Haze and Skunk#01. Karel kept cuttings of this precious plant for more than 30 years and named her ‘Old School Haze’. The remaining SSSC genetics are the stuff of legends, even now many varieties carry DNA from the original SSSC seeds. All plants with a flavour of Haze or Skunk probably have grandparents born from SSSC seeds.

Keep the legend alive

In the 90’s Karel and his team shifted their focus towards genetic preservation and the breeding of new cannabis strains for the Coffee shops in Amsterdam. At thesame time Karel worked on developing advanced indoor growing techniques. This made him an authority in the field of elite genetics, breeding and cultivation. It was around this time that Karel’s son Kees, who had been working and growing his own plants in Barcelona, came to join him. His products are a great success in the Cannabis Social Clubs, especially his signature strain of Karel’s Haze. Kees represents a new generation of breeders. Working with great passion and the ambition to keep the legend alive.


Back in the eighties Karel was part of an underground scene of squatters, where smoking pot was an integral part of the lifestyle. Curious about the possibilities of growing the weed themselves, the first growers appeared. These pioneers were looking for new techniques to grow quality marihuana indoors. Karel started experimenting with indoor grow facilities in abandoned houses. He used professional growing lamps, developed mineral fertilisers and grew the plants on rock wool. This technique of growing without soil was copied from the nearby glasshouse agricultural industry.


Kees always wondered where his father purchased his weed with that old school quality taste. In 2015 he discovered that his father had been secretly growing OSH in a hidden place for all these years. Being a breeder himself, Kees got convinced by the idea that the old genetics were very valuable. He set out to reintroduce the original taste and quality of Haze. Thanks to his efforts, SSSC is now able to sell original OSH seeds, in addition to the many other special genetics from the old seed collection.

SSSC is proud to be awarded the honour to be part of the esteemed club of pioneers in the High Times Hall of Fame.

Sam the skunkman seeds THE STORY BEHIND SSSC Sam the Skunkman The Super Sativa Seed Club is one of the very first seed banks in the world. In the mid eighties every grower knew the SSSC.

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The Legend of Skunk Bud

The story of the legendary Skunk bud is one that many people have not heard and are not familiar with. Some people will know right away what Skunk bud is because they’ve had the pleasure of smoking some of this back in the eighties and nineties. The legendary Skunk bud today is not what it used to be in its glory during the seventies and eighties. The Skunk bud you find today is often referred to as Skunk # 1. The actual Skunk bud from back in the day when it can be found is called Roadkill Skunk.

To understand the Skunk plant a little bit better it requires a brief history lesson. Skunk bud is a parent for many of the hybrids and phenotypes we enjoy on the market today. In fact, without the Skunk line of genetics cannabis would not be what it is. During the 1960s and 70s, Skunk bud was being worked on buy some legendary cannabis geneticists and breeders. Mendocino Joe AKA Romulan Joe, Sam the Skunkman, and Maple Leaf Wilson an old hashish trade route hippie, were some of the names who worked on this legendary strain of cannabis genetics known as Skunk.

The 1980s Skunk seeds were being sold by the masses and could not be kept or stopped. Sacred Seeds in California was the name of the company that had these incredible genetics. During the early 1980s Sacred Seeds was the center of an investigation which inevitably led up to a police raid and the shutdown of their business. During this police raid Sam the Skunk Man was incarcerated. The police went in and destroyed the facility. Throwing grow lights and equipment along with clones and seeds in a nearby dumpster. This would be the biggest mistake they made or perhaps the most intricately orchestrated plan ever.

Sam the Skunk Man was not in jail very long. In fact, he was out in no time at all and went back to the factory for a stakeout. Just like the police followed them and watched their movements in action Sam thought that he’d do the same. Upon realizing that nothing was guarded and there was nothing more than police tape watching the scene he decided to go in and get what he could. This turned out to be one hell of a decision. Sam the Skunk Man ended up with thousands of cannabis seeds, dozens of clones, and 5 rare legendary strains of cannabis that helped to populate herb as we know it today.

Northern Lights, Early Girl, Early Pearl, and, Skunk were the strains that Sam The Skunkman ended up taking from the west coast of California all the way to the shores of Holland. Upon his arrival in Holland, Sam ended up meeting up with the legendary geneticists and breeders Neville Schoenmaker and Shantibaba. This is where some of the genetics that he had brought with him were exchanged and were worked on. Skunk Bud was a hit in Holland and everybody loved it, just as they did back in the states. The only problem was people were getting busted for growing it because you could smell it on the entire block where a house was growing it.

For this reason the genetics needed to be worked on to help take out some of that potent smell. Over the years many different varieties of Skunk were born. Lemon Skunk, Shiva Skunk, Blueberry Skunk, and the list goes on. None of these however are the Original Skunk aka Roadkill Skunk. The closest strain on the market today that pays true homage too original Roadkill Skunk is called BC Roadkill. It’s a combination of Skunk #1 and the legendary BC God Bud. It is said though there are still packs of the original Skunk floating around that came from Sacred Seeds in the 1980s and that there are still people growing this phenomenal plant today. If you’re lucky enough to ever place your lips and lungs on some true Skunk bud you will know what I’m talking about.

Tag: Sam the Skunk Man The Legend of Skunk Bud The story of the legendary Skunk bud is one that many people have not heard and are not familiar with. Some people will know right away what