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Royal Queen Seeds: Reviewing one of the Best Cannabis Seed Banks

Trying to find an award-winning strain from Royal Queen Seeds is like running through the forest looking for a tree – there is no short supply. One of their most successful strains, Amnesia Haze , has won gold in the Cannabis Cup in both the year 2002 and 2014. And, over 15 of their strains have won a title in the Cannabis Cup.

They are truly a powerhouse for quality seed production and strain development. And they have been kind enough to share their secrets with us all. Whether your preference is sativa- or indica-dominant strains, Royal Queen Seeds have got you covered, they sell a mass variety of different strains for anyone willing to buy. And if you aren’t interested in growing, don’t worry they have something for you too. Having dabbled in CBD oils in the last few years, the company now sells a variety of CBD products to keep everyone happy.

In this article we are going to look at Royal Queen Seeds top-quality strains, their most popular CBD products and why they have achieved mass success with professional and novice growers alike.

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Who are Royal Queen Seeds?

Royal Queen Seeds are a company based in Amsterdam and after years of perfecting the growing process of cannabis, they decided to branch out with their own line of cannabis seeds . This is a company who discovered their passion for helping others to grow top-quality plants, and they go above and beyond to do so.

They are currently the only seed bank to open 4 physical stores in both Amsterdam and Barcelona, bringing them much closer to their customers.

We want to help passionate growers like you get the most out of their plants by offering personalized customer service and expertise. Hence, we think it’s only logical to have physical stores where you can come meet our team, see our products, and get valuable advice.”

They are one of the fastest growing seed companies in Europe, and their product variation has helped them to achieve that. They supply both feminized and autoflowering seeds to make the process of growing that much easier. If you are intrigued read about their company highlights.

Royal Queen Seeds: Highlights

  • Free shipping in Europe: Royal Queen Seeds not only ship to the whole of Europe, but it’s also free. They use discreet package to make sure you don’t get your neighbors tongues wagging. Talk about making it easy for us, but that’s not just it. They will also accept returns for free if you’re not happy with the product.
  • Rewards: The company offers a variety of awards for performing certain actions on their website. For instance, if you spend €25 on their site, you receive free seeds, a grinder and stickers. The amount you spend dictates how many free items you can receive. The maximum is if you spend €675 and more, you can receive free seeds, stickers, smoking paper, a lighter and posters. And don’t forget if you like the product and leave a review, you can get a 10% discount. Talk about an incentive!
  • Grow guides: Royal Queen Seeds seem to have a limitless amount of information on their website. Whether you need grow guides, want to know the difference between hemp and cotton , or are wondering if CBD can help sunburn – the answer is never far away.
  • Lab results: The website provides test results for all of their CBD products, so you as the consumer know exactly what you are buying. It’s a great way to build confidence with a new company, if you have never used any of their products before.
  • Autoflowering seeds: They sell a range of autoflowering seeds, which means the cannabis plants start flowering on their own within 2-4 weeks of germination. This is especially helpful for growers who live in an area of the world with limited light throughout the day.
  • Feminized seeds: If you’re a grower who hates having to pick out the male plants from the female, then Royal Queen Seeds have made it very easy for you. Their feminized seeds mean that the batch will produce females 99% of the time.
  • Range of products: Other than seeds and CBD products, the website also sells vaporizers, regular flowers and herbs, soil nutrition and much more, making it a great one stop spot for all your gardening needs.

Negative Thoughts on Royal Queen Seeds

The only variable negative is that when you first see the website, it can be an information overload and it takes a while to navigate your way around. But really, information is always a good thing, and once you do get used to the layout it will be smooth sailing. I’m nitpicking here really.

Royal Queen Seeds Review: Best Seeds

Royal Queen Seeds have such a wide range of strains, today we have picked out some of their most popular seeds and are looking in detail at both the Northern Light Automatic and the Royal Dwarf varieties.

Some of their most popular seeds are:

  • Northern Light Automatic
  • Royal Dwarf
  • Royal AK Automatic
  • Amnesia Haze Automatic
  • White Widow
  • Euphoria
  • Special Kush 1

Northern Light Automatic: Very few people in the world haven’t heard of this strain. It’s legendary. Originally bred in the U.S in the 1970s, Royal Queen Seeds then got their hands on it and transformed it into an autoflowering variety. This pure indica is a descendent of Afghani and a Thai landrace strain . Expect a dreamy and euphoric high, with a strain that’s renowned for its medicinal quality. Great for insomniacs and those suffering from painful injuries or disorders. A very tasty strain too, with a heavy earthy flavor combined with sweet moments towards the end of the smoke.

  • Flowering Time
    Indoors: 9 to 10 weeks
    Outdoors: end of October
  • Yield
    Indoors: 200g m 2
    Outdoors: 550g m 2
  • Northern Light Automatic Seed Costs:
    Northern Light Automatic (Pack of 1) – €9.00
    Northern Light Automatic (Pack of 3) – €23.00
    Northern Light Automatic (Pack of 5) – €35.00
    Northern Light Automatic (Pack of 10) – €65.00

Royal Dwarf: This is one of Royal Queen Seeds’ crowning glories and is currently their smallest indica strain on offer, reaching heights of 40cm to 60cm. This may be the cutest strain of the bunch. Its heritage of Skunk and a ruderalis variety means that it still produces a decent yield considering its size. It’s both autoflowering and feminized, which makes it an ideal choice for novice growers. Its primary taste is of pine and skunk, which is undercut by brief moments of citrus. Royal Dwarf’s high is initially uplifting, making it great for social interaction, it then turns into a physical and full-bodied relaxant. Ever heard the phrase ‘good things come in small packages’?

  • Flowering Time
    Indoors: 80g per m 2
    Outdoors: 200g per m 2
  • Yield
    Indoors: 8 to 9 weeks
    Outdoors: end of October
  • Royal Dwarf Seeds:
    Royal Dwarf (Pack of 1) – €6.00
    Royal Dwarf (Pack of 3) – €15.00
    Royal Dwarf (Pack of 5) – €25.00
    Royal Dwarf (Pack of 10) – €45.00

Royal Queen Seeds Review: Best CBD products

CBD Oil: Royal Queen Seeds have put their best foot forward with a range of CBD oils . All organically grown, these oils are completely non-psychoactive with less than 0.2% of THC found in any product. They sell a range of strengths from 2.5% of CBD to 10%, giving you the flexibility to tailor the product exactly to you. The oil is an easy and quick way to get your daily dose of CBD from a well-trusted, global brand.

Softgel Capsules: For those who struggle with the bitter taste of original CBD, these capsules will be your saving grace. These are sold in both a 4% and 10% container, each with 60 capsules. They are great to throw in your bag for the day and can be much more subtle way of taking CBD than the oils.

E-Liquids: For all those vapers out there, this is for you. An easy to use and effective dose of CBD in a tasteless vaping liquid – which makes it perfect to mix with your favorite flavors. Each bottle typically holds up to 120 puffs and is created using CO2 extraction , making it a very high-quality oil.

Liposomal: The website also sells liposomal tablets with either multivitamin or just vitamin C content. Liposomal contains important molecules which actively protect your digestive system as they travel through your body.Making it even easier to combine your daily vitamin intake and CBD. Why take two tablets when you can take one?

Remember it’s important to consult your doctor before beginning your CBD adventure. As a food supplement, these CBD products are not designed to treat any medical conditions.

Royal Queen Seeds Review: Costs of Popular CBD Products

Royal Queen Seeds CBD Oil:

  • 5% Royal Queen Oil (10ml)- €25.00
  • 4% Royal Queen Oil (30ml) – €95.00
  • 10% Royal Queen Oil (30ml) – €199.00
  • 75mg Royal Queen Power Sleep CBD (30ml) – €25.00

Royal Queen Seeds CBD Hemp Seed Oil:

  • 5% Royal Queen Hemp Seed Oil (50ml) – €175.00
  • 20% Royal Queen Hemp Seed Oil (30ml) – €360.00

Royal Queen Seeds CBD Oil Softgel Capsules:

  • 4% Royal Queen Capsules (60 capsules) – €35.00
  • 10% Royal Queen Capsules (60 capsules) – €75.00

Royal Queen Seeds CBD E-Liquid:

  • 200mg Royal Queen E-Liquid (5ml) – €29.00

Royal Queen Seeds CBD Liposomal:

  • 90mg Royal Queen Liposomal Vitamin C (150ml) – €49.00
  • 90mg Royal Queen Liposomal Multivitamin (150ml) – €59.00

Royal Queen Seeds Review: The Final Verdict

Royal Queen Seeds’ reputation speaks for itself; not only are they experts at growing top-quality strains but seed production as well. With information and products galore on their website, potential growers should find everything they need. And for those of us too lazy or impatient to watch anything grow, CBD products are readily available.

Their belief in other growers and physical presence on the streets of Barcelona and Amsterdam, only makes us believe they will go from strength to strength. Is there anything this company can’t do?

We take a look at Royal Queen Seeds seed bank and everything their great product range has to offer