regular autoflower seeds

Regular Autoflower Seeds

Regular autoflowering seeds are a great middle-ground for those growers who value their time and privacy but still want to have freedom in their growing experience. This exceptional combination is granted by the mix of autoflowering genetics that makes these plants quick and sturdy, and their regular nature that gives growers a chance to experiment with breeding. Check Herbies’ Regular Autoflower Seeds Collection for our picks from the most reputable seed banks.

    Flash Seeds Bank Regular Autoflowering 50 – 120 cm 30 – 70 g/plant outdoors
    Medicann Seeds Regular Autoflowering 100 cm Medium
    Freedom of Seeds Regular Autoflowering 50 – 80 cm indoors 120 cm outdoors 200 g/m² indoors 300 g/plant outdoors
    Emerald Triangle Seeds Regular Autoflowering Short 150 g/plant outdoors
    Emerald Triangle Seeds Regular Autoflowering Short Medium

Regular Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds For An Enjoyable Growing Experience

After appearing on the market a couple of decades ago, regular autoflower seeds have made a lot of noise and raised many questions from curious marijuana growers. Why, you may ask? Because no one had heard of autoflowering cannabis before, and it came as a great surprise that weed plants could start flowering independently from the amount of light they receive. At the time, not many marijuana cultivators were ready to sacrifice potency and yields for the lesser potency of autoflowers. However, the times when regular autoflowering seeds were less potent and lower yielding than photoperiod varieties are long gone! Modern non-feminized autoflower seeds can be just as potent and high-yielding as their photoperiod sisters – you just need to pick the right strain!

Autoflower Regular Seeds From Our Top Seed Banks

Luckily, with Herbies’ Regular Autoflower Seeds Collection, you have plenty of options to choose from! Our regular autoflowering cannabis seeds range greatly in price, effects, cannabinoid content, and terpene profiles – use our convenient search tool and apply filters to find marijuana seeds perfectly suited to your needs. One thing that unites our cannabis seeds, however, is that we source them all from only highly reputable seed banks all over the globe. Producers such as FastBuds, Barney’s Farm, Royal Queen Seeds, Humboldt Seeds, and others invest incredible amounts of resources into the research and engineering of their marijuana genetics, producing autoflowering regular seeds of the highest quality that will yield huge harvests of mind-blowingly potent weed. We gather these acorns straight from the producers and keep them at the perfect temperature and humidity levels to keep them fresh and full of life before they arrive to you. Then, you can fully enjoy the ease of growing granted by their resilience, independence from light schedules, and quick turnaround!

Interested In Breeding? Go For Non-Feminized Autoflower Seeds

You might be interested to know why you might want to pick non-feminized autoflower seeds instead of the feminized ones. Well, regular autoflowering seeds definitely have pros of their own. Let’s touch upon some of them. First of all, regular autoflowering marijuana seeds are usually cheaper than their feminized sisters, simply because they cost seed banks less to produce, but their quality is on the same level. Second, if you choose regular autoflower seeds, you have less chance of dealing with hermaphrodite plants in case your weed faces any kind of stress. Last but not least, if you’re interested in experimenting and breeding cannabis yourself, only regular autoflower seeds can grant you this opportunity. If you really enjoyed a certain strain, why not make more seeds of it yourself? For that matter, why not create your own personal strain? With regular autoflowering seeds, all of this is possible.

Autoflower Vs. Regular Seeds: No Need To Choose Between The Two

Now that we know the clear benefits of autoflower vs. regular seeds, you don’t really have to decide between the two types. Herbies’ Regular Autoflower Seeds Collection contains an unlimited choice of seeds that lets you benefit from both the ease of growing autoflowers and the affordability and versatility of regular seeds. Make your choice and get to growing!

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Regular autoflowering cannabis seeds are a great choise for those growers who want to have freedom in their growing experience | High quality regular autoflower seeds for sale

Autoflowering Regular Seeds

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Regular Buddha Seeds

Sensi Seeds Regular Autoflowering

There are 2 products.

Rudelaris Indica Regular

  • Reduced price
  • -20%

Ruderalis Skunk Regular

  • Reduced price
  • -20%

Autoflowering Regular Seeds

You should know that with the auto regular cannabis seeds by GB The Green Brand you can make your growing and creating new genetics dream come true. These marijuana strains are reserved for the most curious of growers, as they will bring an exciting new world to develop new strains and genetic crosses.

The constant necessity to fasten and simplify the process of selection and development of their genetics, has made sure that regular autoflowering seeds are a setback compared to feminized autoflowering seeds. However, there is still a chance, a way and market for all those growers that want to work with their own pure strain in a traditional way.

Pros in using autoflowering regular cannabis seeds

One of the main advantages that these regular marijuana seeds have is their competitive pricing compared to their feminized version as they are cheaper. This allows less experimented growers to begin without being scared of failing.

In addition, it also allows interested growers and consumers to create new crosses and genetics, with which to vary and augment their yields, aromas, flavour and effects. In this regard, male plants can breed indefinitely your plants, strengthening the most pure strains. Due to them not depending on photoperiods, these grows can contain differently aged plants inside your grow zone.

These autoflowering cannabis seeds are favoured with a short life cycle, as since their germination until they flower, 60-80 days go by. It is for this reason that we recommend selecting carefully which strain adapts best to your grow characteristics.

Characteristics of Buddha Seeds bank

Buddha seeds seed banks possess a prestigious laboratory inside the grow market, thanks to its incredible genetics.

During the last years, it has worked to offer all the varieties of its catalogue in form of autoflowering seeds, with the objective to have available as many male and female plants with these genetics, to do our own crosses.

Their most important auto regular strains are: Syrup Regular, Deimos Regular, Magnum Regular, Red Dwarf Regular and White Dwarf Regular. All of them are known for their incredible yielding properties, as well as strong aromas, flavour and effects.

Characteristics of Sensi Seeds bank

Autoflowering male and female seeds to make your own crosses. These strains provide amazing results thanks to having been selected based on their strength and flavor.

They currently have two autoflowering regular strains; Rudelaris Indica and Rudelaris Skunk. They can be used to make your very own brand new strains, and you can also choose to cross them with each other, which will lead to very balanced and stable yields in terms of weight, strength and flavor. Autoflowering plants don’t stress out when they get a lot of light at night and thus they are ideal for discreet grows on city balconies.

The best auto regular seed strains

Ruderalis skunk by Sensi Seeds Regular is one of the most-used strains when it comes to breeding your own strains. This strong plant produces amazing results even if you live somewhere with a less than ideal climate. It puts up well against both the heat and the cold, and is incredibly sturdy when it comes to fungi and insect infestations. This strain has a well-known flavor; deliciously fruity and Skunky alongside high THC concentration and indica effects inducing mental and corporal relaxation. This is a strain that anyone that considers themselves a cannabis gourmet needs to try.

Ruderalis Indica by Sensi Seeds Regular is a variety able to grow anywhere practically without any extra care since it is originary of countries like Russia or Himalaya where it grows under very hard temperatures and conditions. These plants are regular so they can become either males or females; that’s why you’ll be able to produce own your seeds either by crossing them among themselves or with other strains.

This strain has a well-known flavor; deliciously fruity, coffe-licorice notes and Skunky alongside an intense indica effect. This is a strain that anyone that considers themselves a cannabis gourmet needs to try.

Deimos Regular by Buddha Seeds is one of this seed bank’s most renowned strains and has been for the last 10 years. It’s one of their highest yielding plants due to its sturdy structure – it’s quite unique. It comes from quite a lengthy selection process of Northern Lights x Ruderalis, making for quite a potent indica plant. It has an earthy, strong flavor with a hint of muskiness. It’s known for its intense high that can last a few hours, and get ready for those munchies. We recommend this strain if you want to make your own hybrids and Deimos strains.

Magnum regular by Buddha Seeds is a strain that has acquired outstanding reputation because of its high production in a very short time thanks to its side branches which acquire large dimensions and the same diameter as its central calyx. Wherever you plant it you’ll get a bush full of a very aromatic resin of incensed and minty flavours.

Magnum taste is very strong in the chest and will make you cough after just a few puffs. It has minty and wood reminiscences with that typical incensed touch that turns so many people crazy and that denotes very characteristic Jack Herer features. Its effects are clearer and more energizing than other Buddha strains so it’s perfect for everyday since it won’t leave you sitting down and completely stunned. It’s very much recommended to commercial growers searching for large and productive automatic plants.

Buy auto regular seeds with GB The Green Brand

In GB The Green Brand you can find a wide and extensive catalogue of regular seed strains, shipped by the best seed banks in Spain and the rest of the world. Likewise, we advise that you inform yourself with our complete description that appears on every product. You can also visit our blog and Youtube channel to learn tricks and tips on how to grow cannabis indoor and outdoors.

All the seeds have been subjected to different quality tests that guarantee 90% of its germination. The same way that they are conserved in fridges without humidity until sold. The reason most of the errors happen are during germination.

Therefore, if this is your case, you have to follow the steps that are in our blog, take a picture during it process and keep the packages. If they don’t germinate, we will handle the changing of seeds that have not germinated.

Autoflowering Marijuana Seed in Regular Format. Get your males and females and make your own hybrids at home to create exactly the strain you want.