red dragon seed

Red Dragon – Barney’s Farm

Alchimia Grow Shop welcomes Red Dragon from Barney’s Farm Seedbank, an Indica Sativa cannabis hybrid which combines a sativa strain – Utopia Haze – with an indica Kush strain, brought back from the western part of the Himalaya mountains, to get a vigorous and strong plant which offers large yields and a strong effect.

Red Dragon will show a well-balanced structure and a strong growth thanks to its Sativa genetics, whereas the Indica Kush will strongly reduce its flowering time to 60-65 day indoors, and around late September when grown outdoors.

This cannabis hybrid will produce large yields, estimated by Barney’s Farm around 500gr/m2 indoors, and from 600 to 800 grams per plant when grown outdoors; The best yields, of course, will be in-ground.

The genetic contribution from the Utopia Haze strain will produce long buds, full of resin, and a stimulating high during the first part of the smoke, before Himalayan Kush strikes and leads the smoker into a pleasant physically relaxed state. This two-part effect is created by the terpen profile of red Dragon, but also by its 23% of THC and its 2.1% of CBD.

Red Dragon will smell and taste exotic, fruity and sweet.

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