ray charles strain

Ray charles strain

Absolutely amazing! By far my favorite strain. HEAVY Indica. Excellent, but has been very hard to find in Illinois, so I grab a lot whenever it comes around.. Relaxing, happy, takes away all of my pain, and knocks this experienced user on my ass! Just the best! 5+ stars!

Very nice smoothie taste — no harshness — pine like. Buzz is intelligent / analytical mode – great for boosting spirits, out of depression, especially if you drink some pinot grigio along side. I find I don’t crave cigarettes after smoking small doses of this — something I just hate as a gateway for me — So, if you are looking for something to get you into a creative mode, and hold off from other cravings (even food) . and want to live in the head for a few hours — then take the lift this RAY RAY brings, you’ll be refreshed.

This indica definitely hits hard (hahhhd) as another reviewer said. No anxiety whatsoever. Love it!! Heeheeeeee

This is a HEAVY Indica, and my favorite strain. I have horrible insomnia, pain from back surgery, and anxiety issues. This strain takes care of all of these for me. It’s absolutely amazing, and I run to the dispensery whenever it’s in stock. The best, and very strong and sedating.

I bought a sample (1/8th) of this Ray Charles strain through Elk Mountain Trading Post on a $6/gr special. I normally shy away from indica strains because I don’t need help napping! But the price was good so i gave it a try. I absolutely LOVE this strain. I’m a guitar player and many strains seem prohibitive to playing the guitar. I just flub up on too many notes or forget which notes come next. But Ray Charles is different in this respect. One smallish bonghit and I’m playing at my best! And it gets my creative juices flowing for noodling out some great sounding riffs! I did not notice a need to sleep as noted above, but I’m looking more for a buzz than getting flat-out ripped. This strain feels more like a sativa to me. Bought an Oz yesterday and am happy!

Ray Charles is thought to be a 100% pure indica hybrid strain created through a powerful cross of the cult favorite Romulan X Afghani Bullrider strains. This potent bud is infamous for its commanding nighttime effects that are fueled by a THC level that ranges from 19-21% on average. The high s…