queen mother strain

Queen Mother – CBD 17%

“My lords, ladies and gentleman, please be upstanding for her royal HIGHNESS the Queen Mother!”
(Round of applause)
“With my finest white gloves and my best sharp scissors, I do declare this bag of CBD flowers , OPEN!”
(by Tinbelly Un Poisson ©)

Like a true British sovereign, Queen Mother – the queen of legal weed – has a strong and authoritative character and is characterised by a particularly intense and rich aroma with noble notes of citrus, mint and spices, typical of the best strains.

Queen Mother carries a crown of trichome jewels dressed with what looks like small patches of woven blue silk sewn in for extra luxury.

Shades of blue and violet in coloration of these chunky buds are a pure visual pleasure.

A rich aromatic bouquet and a delicious taste of this CBD flower will turn its tasting into an unforgettable organoleptic experience.

Thanks to the gentle hand-picking and hand-trimming we obtain perfectly-manicured beautiful clean buds and preserve numerous valuable natural properties of hemp.

100% MADE IN ITALY: selected, sown, greenhouse grown, picked and trimmed by hand in Italy.

Read some interesting facts about the medical use of cannabis by the Royals.

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Selected Italian CBD flower

Queen Mother is a selected Italian CBD flower grown in a greenhouse, trimmed and picked by hand in Italy.

It possesses an extraordinarily high CBD rate (17%) and a low THC-content (

Queen Mother is a top quality legal weed flower with a particularly intense and rich aroma. Greenhouse. Picked and trimmed by hand in Italy.