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Dominant Origins & Notables

Everybody remembers their first encounter with Kush. The Purple Kush strain is a legend among experienced growers and has made a name for itself in the cannabis world despite the highest levels of competition. Purple Kush Fem is alluringly beautiful and packs a major punch. This all-star strain comes from two epic breeds, Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani and is believed to have originated in sunny Northern California.

The west-coast loves these cannabis seeds for the pure bliss that they deliver. This 100% indica strain has a 22% THC content and will help anyone relax and aid you in slipping into a tranquil sleep, remaining in the slumber all night long. Purple Kush is definitely best for those nights you have accomplished what you need to prior to smoking as it will not increase your productivity. If you are new to blazing this magnificent ganja strain, take it slow and try a few puffs and enjoy the euphoric buzz while you drift into a full body relaxation.

This beautiful strain has royal indica roots that give it some complex characteristics. The delightful purple and orange hairs that appear throughout the flowers give it the district and instantly identifiable look that it’s become famous for. As you experience the full body relaxation you can marvel at the rich, gluey trichomes of this supreme pure indica strain.


These feminized marijuana seeds are a favorite among growers. They are short and bushy and boast a color of wild berries while their foliage is green and dark purple, hence the name Purple Kush. Once the plant enters full bloom you will be amazed at the resinous, popcorn-like buds. These magnificent Purple Kush strain seeds have been producing mouthwatering, flavorful buds that have been delighting weed connoisseurs since inception.

These cannabis seeds will flourish indoors or outdoors and should pose little challenge to experienced growers. If you are a novice grower or a complete newbie, note that the compact and bushy stature can make growing a little more difficult. In order to make things easier on yourself, note that this strain of weed seeds thrives on hydroponics with a Sea of Green setup, which is the theory and method of harvesting lots of small plants, matured early to get the fastest production of buds.

This strain is resistant to many pests and parasites due to the bitter leaves but will require proper temperature and airflow to thrive. Make sure to keep the temperature between 70-80F for optimal growth. Constant monitoring will help avoid mold and mildew as well. This strain will rarely exceed 3 feet in height and is ideal for a growing set-up that is vertically challenged.

Flowering Time

This strain won’t leave you hanging with an empty bag for long. Indoors these babies will flower in 7-8 weeks time and can produce up to 9 ounces per square meter of premium buds under optimal conditions. When growing this strain outdoors, the harvest will come just in time for the fall fairs in late September. Experienced growers may yield up to 8 ounces per plant under ideal conditions.


So, you have decided that you want to add this majestic strain to your indoor growing setup. That’s a fantastic idea! They will thrive with a hydroponics set up that utilizes the Sea of Green technique. The SOG technique will help combat the bushiness of the plant. Make sure to have proper ventilation and a strong trimming schedule to help the light reach the lower leafage. With 8 weeks of consistent monitoring you will see 400-500 grams of glorious bud.


You will want to germinate these immediately after the last frost so that they are given every opportunity to thrive. These little beauties love the outdoors and work well in a cooler climate if properly supported. This is a resilient and hardy strain but don’t let its love of the cooler climate fool you. Make sure to avoid super cold weather and frost or these babies will be goners and you will be left feeling like you’ve lost a loved one. You will be in awe of the rich, gluey trichomes as you harvest them in late-September.

Medical Application

The Purple Kush strain seeds are beloved in the medical cannabis community. It is known for its potency and sweet taste that gives a blissful state of mind and full body relaxation that can be perfect for several mental health concerns. This is a great strain for after dinner or before bedtime use when all the craziness from the day is dying down and it allows you to let go of the tension in the mind and body.

While this dope is great for providing the positive vibes, it also gets a lot of action in the pain relief arena. It is often used by those suffering from arthritis, chronic pain, and migraines. It helps ease away some of the discomfort from these debilitating conditions and can make it easier to move freely and with less pain. Talk about a quality of life improvement!

Many patients undergoing chemotherapy will turn to this little powerhouse as well. It can bring on the munchies in a way that will astound you. This will help fight off the nausea from chemotherapy and increase your appetite to help you have the strength to keep healing. Food becomes too alluring and can’t be turned down which makes it an ideal complement for those struggling with an eating disorder as well.

Adverse Reactions

This beautiful strain is admired for its positive qualities and the small list of adverse reactions, or side effects. Some people have found that it can cause dry mouth and dry eyes. Ensure that you have your water bottle with you and carry around your eye drops and you will barely notice these minor hiccups. You will want your water with you anyways to help wash down all the yummy goodies you will be craving.


As you let the smoke whirl around in your mouth you are going to feel a rush of this potent THC content. It delivers a journey that starts out as a euphoric cerebral buzz and helps erase any negativity floating around in your head. Simultaneously, you will feel the strong indica roots as it promotes calmness and if you aren’t careful you can feel extremely subdued which will not work if you have work to do or need to be up and about. If you enjoy more than a toke or two be prepared to melt into the couch and be unlikely to be up and at ’em until you’ve had a glorious snooze.

This master of head to toe relaxation is a perfect way to cap off the day when all your obligations are completed and you can just chill and focus on yourself.


With rockstar parents, this strain will produce an aroma that tickles the senses. Known for its strong sweet aroma, this premium ganja strain will make you think you are in the middle of a world class vineyard with the sweet grape smell that is filled with hints of subtle earthy tones. This aromatic beauty will have your friends intrigued and wanting to make their way over to hang out.


As you savor your first hoot you will immediately notice the pungent yet pleasant flavor. This ganja will have you reminiscing of those days as a child eating fruit salad at summer picnics. It will tickle your taste buds with a sweet zest and a hint of mixed berries and sweet grapes. As you exhale, the smoke will leave your mouth with a sandalwood flavor that will linger and allow you to savor it until the next hoot.

Similar Strains

Looking for something similar to Purple Kush strain seeds? While it sits atop the mountain for potency, if you want similar effects with a lower THC profile be sure to check out Auto Purple Kush. Check out the Purple Kush x Mazar if you want a similar euphoric buzz after toking. If you want something that is similarly easy to grow and provides stress relief then be sure to have a look at the Purple Kush x White Russian strain. The Purple Star Killer will pack a potent THC punch and deliver a similar full body stone while the Hawaii x Purple Skunk.

If you can’t score any Purple Kush, at least you have access to some wonderful replacements on the extensive I49 online catalogue.

Nick Names

Purple Kush will sometimes be simply referred to as Kush.

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