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Purple Thai Autoflower R B1

Purple Thai Autoflower R B1 is a feminised automatic cannabis plant created by Ethos Genetics. It is the result of a cross between two well-known strains, Purple Thai widely used in the breeding world crossed with Pluto Cut Auto which provides the automatic gene.

Purple Thai Autoflower R B1 growth

This automatic variety has a compact and vigorous development, with no excessive lateral ramifications. It is ideal for indoor SOG cultivation where a 20/4h photoperiod can be used to obtain the best results both in vegetative growth and in flowering.

It is a short auto-flowering plant perfect for cultivation corners where there is not much height available. The flowering is abundant even being a not very big plant, requiring between 70-80 days to complete the flowering.

Purple Thai Autoflower R B1 flowering

By the end of its flowering stage, it is produced a one bud plant full of buds from the bottom to the main tip. It does not require large amounts of fertiliser, just a balanced nutrition is sufficient to obtain compact and resinous buds. At mid-flowering one can expect to see bright pink and purple colours with yellow glints that provide an impressive appearance.

A tremendously high resin amount can be produced by the flowers, as a non-automatic plant. The results are great, with a yield that varies between 40-80g per plant in indoor cultivation.

Purple Thai Autoflower R B1 flavours and effect

Purple Thai Autoflower R B1 flavours have a tendency to Purple Thai ancestors with a floral base that mixes incense and spicy notes that will delight Thai strain lovers.

It has a complex effect, a balanced mixture between Indicas and Sativas, providing the consumer a relaxing effect with a general well-being feeling and a smile drawn on the face together with an active and cheerful effect on the mental level.

Purple Thai Autoflower R B1, an auto and feminised variety.