purple rhino strain

Purple rhino strain

Purple Rhino relaxes both mind and body with his effective abilities to wrap you in a warm blissful and pain-free shield. A mellow euphoric buzz along with a focused head high crowned by a heavy narcotic sleepy stone at the end. It crushes your anxiety and worries right away! Good for pain and insomnia related issues. Nice sweet sour skunky blueberry/lemony creamy taste! When burnt, it leaves in its wake a pungent sweet blueberry/citrus/pine/skunk and an almost diesel fuel perfume who permeates your whole room for a long while! Discretion is advised because this strain stinks a lot! Acquired from Rocket Chronic

White Rhino, a well-known near-pure indica, and the beloved original Mendocino Purps, an indica-heavy hybrid, were crossed to make this delightful hybrid, itself an indica-heavy hybrid. The exact ratio of indica to sativa is unclear, but THC levels are high in Purple Rhino, reaching 20% in some a…